Restaurants in London with the Best Views

In the world’s most cosmopolitan city, your expectations of world-class dining vistas are

justified. There are hundreds of restaurants in London with excellent views; however, those London

restaurants with the best views are coveted. So let’s have a look at some of these famed locales, and

perhaps you will be enticed to pay the premium often required to enjoy the scene.


National Portrait Gallery Restaurant

National Portrait Gallery View

There’s little in this world that is as refreshing as art and food. The National Portrait Gallery is

one of those London landmarks that merits more time than you’d planned on giving. Once you’ve had

your fill of art, so to speak, you can get your other fill on the rooftop restaurant. The location has no

rival. You’ll look out over Trafalgar Squares with a view reaching the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

The British fare is to be expected of a restaurant that makes its home atop a national gallery, and it’s

quite tasty.


Galvin at Windows

Galvin at Windows

Located in Mayfair just beside Hyde Park, this high-class French restaurant is consistently named

one of the best in the city. You’re going to have to put aside a significant amount of pennies if you

haven’t the budget for such a place, but its view over the park and onward to Buckingham Palace is well

worth the weight. It’s the perfect absurdity, combining a view of classis British London with French foie

gras in the American Park Lane Hilton Hotel.

Duck and Waffle

Duck and Waffle View

Duck and Waffle Interior

If a London restaurant with the absolutely best view is your primary concern, then look no

further than Duck and Waffle. Actually, from Duck and Waffle you can look a lot further, as it’s located

on the fortieth floor of Heron Tower. There is no doubt that Duck and Waffle is the best place for eggs

benedict, and at any hour of the day.


Oblix at the Shard


If you don’t know what the Shard is, then you haven’t been to London yet. It’s a pyramidal glass

tower that dominates the London Bridge skyline, and outstrips all other buildings for height. On the 32rd

floor you’ll find a restaurant that foodies of London and the world have gotten electric about. The Oblix

is an American-style grill that combines pizza and wine with traditional rotisserie fare. Fabulous food

with fabulous views—what else is there?


Oxo Tower


In Bankside, you’ll find a restaurant that draws in its loyal clientele simply by offering unrivaled

views over the Thames. On the roof is a large terrace where patrons partake in cocktails before finding a

place in the brasserie or restaurant below. The river lights up when the sun sinks away, and the colors

are wonderful. Oxo Tower is particularly popular in the warm months when open-air seating is offered.


Paramount at Centre Point

Paramount at Center Point

If you’ve been to London before, then you probably cock your head at the thought of spending

on a view at Tottenham Court Road in Centre Point. The truth is that it’s not the most eye-catching part

of the city. However, when you sit to dine in the Paramount, a restaurant of unobtrusive design, you will

be drawn in by the sweeping vista out over the rest of the city. The food is European, and delicious.

There are other restaurants to lend to a seeking eye, but these should keep you and your wallet

busy for now.

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Photo Credits:  STVCRAndy L,  Ewan MunroDanielmartin_vmorris, Paramount and Insideology.