National Desserts You Must Try

There is great anticipation during a meal, because although we might be enjoying the fare at hand, we are oftentimes imagining what the final course will bring. Among traveling’s many merits is the opportunity to learn about and savor each individual nations’ culinary traditions, and dessert is quite literally the icing on the cake. Here it comes; that coveted dish that you’ve only read about. But you had to read about them in order to know what to look for. If you’re a true foodie, you might consider planning your next overseas journey based around what you learn in this article about 6 of the best national desserts in the world. Where to begin?


The United States

The entire country has a sweet tooth; you can find sugar not only in desserts, but in every course. There are many national desserts to choose from, but the best among them is the one you find at their Thanksgiving holiday. We’re talking about Pumpkin Pie. The ingredients are straight forward, and the life expectancy of a pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream is usually around 3 minutes.

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As one of the world’s gastronomic capitals, France has a host of desserts to choose from. However, if one of them will stand out above all, it will be Crème Brulée. France’s favorite ingredient, cream, plays a central role in this dessert. Toss in a bit of vanilla bean, some egg yolks, caramelize the surface with a torch and voila!

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You might not have heard of picarones. Some would argue that the caramel meringue parfait suspiro de limeña would take the cake, so to speak. However, what defines a truly national desert is its adaptability; in Peru, you can find picarones on the street or in the 5-star restaurant. The picaron is a ring of fried dough, made of squash and sweet potato and lathered in syrup.

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In the same vein as the picaron is India’s jalebi. The dough is made of wheat instead of squash and sweet potato, but it is also deep-fried in the shape of a donut and served with syrup. Otherwise, if you prefer dumplings, then India’s cheese-khoya gulab jamun is another national classic.

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If you haven’t heard of an apple strudel, then you’re a newbie foodie. Although found throughout Germany, this Austro-Hungarian classic originated in Vienna. There’s nothing quite like the thin soft layered pastry that rewards your patient bite with a delicious apple filling spiced cinnamon and sugar.


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New Zealand and Russia

These nations bicker over who truly created the Pavlova meringue cake-like dessert, which takes its name from the famous ballet dancer who toured both countries at the beginning of the 20th century. Describing its preparation is enough to make the mouth water, but suffice it to know that it includes white vinegar, cornflower, vanilla and fruit toppings.

The list can go on and on because it is difficult to cite the best national desserts in the world without including places like Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Japan or any of a multitude of nations. Each country is so different from the last, and the desserts are a lovely and tasty reflection of their culinary development.

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