Top Five Places to Eat Fish and Chips in London

Kerbisher & Malt

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For all of you uninitiated out there, fish and chips does not refer to a platter of smoked salmon and side of Doritos. And what’s more, “fish and chips” is, not are, thank you very much, Microsoft Word. Fish and chips refers to that mouth-watering battered fish and side of tasty deep-fried potatoes. So! You of course already knew all about this English staple, otherwise you would not be curious as to where you might find the best eats in London. Therefore, without further ado, here are the 5 best places to find fish and chips in London.

1 – SeaShell

Located in Lisson Grove, the SeaShell restaurant considers proper preparation and serving of its fish and chips a patriotic duty. Walk into the checkered-floor restaurant to a space where cod is worshipped, and you’ll feel already justified in your search for the best fish and chips in town. The restaurant sources its fish directly from the Billingsgate Market, so you can count on freshness. What’s more, by tasting and approving of the hallmark dish, you will be following in the footsteps of celebrities, respected food critiques and British commoners alike.

London Fish and Chips

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2 – Fish Central

It might come as a surprise that one of the best joints for fish and chips in London is run by a Greek-Cypriot. But it’s true. There are no frills at the King Square Estate local, just pure savory fish correctly steamed within its fried batter shell. The chips are perfectly salted to taste, and the fish is absolutely delightful. You can get your platter take-away, which is of course the natural way that fish and chips want to be eaten, or you can opt to sit at a table.

3 – Fisher’s

In Parson’s Green, residents are extremely happy to continue expressing their love for this small chippy spot. It had been destroyed by a fire, but the owners rebuilt the place and now their loyal clientele continues to give them business. And for good reason; their fish and chips harken to a time of tradition, when this food was meant for the working man and the price was fair. Crunchy on the outside, warm buttery flanks on the inside, they have the power to brighten a day.

4 – Kerbisher & Malt

If you respect the tradition of fish and chips, but want to see how some foodies have transcribed it in modern day terms, then head over to Sheperds Bush where you’ll find Kerbisher & Malt. You’ll know you’re in a rather upscale joint as soon as you walk in. The place screams modernism, and the weird, perfect finishing is tailored much like other startup designer restaurant boutiques. Expect to spend a little bit more for that privilege of opting for the non-traditional sides of salad or onion rings. And prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the quality fish.

5 – Toff’s

No list of the top places to eat fish and chips would be complete without mention of Toff’s. Londoners might feel offended that their favorite place isn’t included on this list, but so it goes; there are only five slots! But let’s talk about Toff’s. Toff’s is an exceptional family-run fish and chips landmark. Grimsby docks supply their 11 varieties of fish, and the expert hands of Toff’s chefs practice their magic and put smiles onto every customer’s face. The restaurant garners acclaim again and again, which makes it one of the top fish and chips places in London

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