Top 6 Unusual Restaurants in London

One truth about the cosmopolitan world, especially in a place as worldly as London, is that the underbelly is wickedly interesting. Openness, tolerance, and post-development have seen a rise in all things strange and wacky. This isn’t to say that London didn’t already have unusual restaurants to some degree, but we’re definitely implying that we live in the age of bizarre-is-good. So if you’re planning on visiting London, and you’re a foodie who enjoys a unique experience, then keep this list handy.


imano food

imano food 2


Image Credit: Inamo

This is a bizarre joint that you’ll find in Soho and which will tickle your imagination as soon as you realize what ordering is like. The menu is illustrated, but it’s also projected onto the table top. This means that you have total control over all aspects of your experience, from ordering to calling a taxi, all from the comfort of your table. The food is excellent as well; it’s a fusion of oriental cuisines.

Betsy Smith

betsy smith

Image Credit: Betsy Smith

Besides the curious name of the restaurant, the setting is also amazingly bizarre. They’ve chosen to decorate the entire place in themes that speak to the fantastical, the theatrical and the carnival. For example, there’s area for sitting dedicated entirely to the Narnia theme; that is, it’s essentially a wardrobe. There’s dancing and live DJs on the weekends, and throughout the week there are different activities that prove to be serious incentives for the loyal locals.



gilgamesh food

gilgamesh london

Image Credit: Gilgamesh

Head over to Camden to find one of the most romanticized restaurants in London. It deserves its title of unusual and then some, and the name “Gilgamesh” is a veritable description of a place that is styled after the ancient palaces of Iraq. Their ornate armchairs will make you feel king or queenly, while the decoration of friezes and designed pillars serves to create the courtly atmosphere. The food is pan-Asian, so you can order sushi and other such delights from the orient.

Maison Bertaux

french cafe in London

Image Credit: The Cheesiest

It might seem almost blasphemous to suggest that you go to a French pastry café in London, but if you’re not keen on the mainland, then the décor of this place will at least give you something to grumble over. That’s what makes it unique—it’s décor. It’s essentially a mismatched collection of the eclectic or the crazy. But when it comes down to the food, it’s hard to find something that you can’t sink your teeth into and feel satisfied.


Bounce London

flashfire photography bounce

Image Credit: Bounce London

Over in Holborn you’ll find Bounce London, which can be said to be unusual, but we prefer to call it unusually fun. It’s a large bar with 17 ping pong tables. That’s the gist. Oh, and they have painfully good wood-oven pizzas that seem the perfect accompaniment to your merriment bouncing balls.

 Evans and Peel Detective Agency

peel_evans-620x413 1233439_505800912841196_1962164800_nImage Credit: Evans and Peel

Over in Earl’s Court is a quirky American-style London restaurant that you’d be really hard-pressed to find an equivalent to across the pond. It’s a restaurant themed 1920s American prohibition. So what does that mean? It means that the place has servers who remain in-character, and it means that the menu features cuisine from the 1920s. It’s a classy joint, and you’re not allowed to remain standing. Check out their website to see how serious remaining “in-character” actually is.That’s just to name a few of the strange restaurants and bars in London, but know that there are more. There’s a bar in a factory, a restaurant where they serve you in bed, an establishment obsessed with circus and much, much more.

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