London Pizza Making Classes

Are you new in London? Do you like a delicious food, meeting people & having fun? 

We are offering foodies the opportunity to learn something new, eat delicious food & make a new acquaintances with similar desires – food, cooking & fun!
Taste the world & discover some fun London cooking classes. Guided by professionals & surrounded by friends, it’s a fantastic opportunity for any food lover.
London is a city where all cultures mix together, just like ingredients in the exotic mouth-watering meal you remember from your holidays. Experience cuisines from around the world, including Mexican & Mediterranean street food, tempting tapas & even artisan sausage making!
I love cooking. Sharing a meal & glass of wine with my loved ones is my favourite part of the day. If you feel unsure or lost in kitchen, I strongly encourage you to change that! 
Sign up to TryMyKitchen today, choose your cooking class & forget about those ready meals from supermarkets . It doesn’t matter if you are in a couple or you just want to go on your own – we all need to eat & we all should enjoy it. TryMyKitchen Cooking Classes are here exactly for this reason. 
How it works?
 1. Search
 2. Book
 3. Learn
Three easy steps will take you to the world of smells, taste & new experiences.
Learn the magic of cooking from the best. Who knows ? – maybe you will discover a hidden talent in you. 
My personal pick is a fun Pizza making Class. You receive a complimentary glass of Italian Prosecco, plus an opportunity to create your own pizza just the way you like it. If you have a sweet tooth you can also get a scoop of the finest Italian ice cream (ideally not on the pizza!) 
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And after all the fun & chats you receive an official certificate from a TryMyKitchen chef, to certify your newly found pizza making skills! That’s sound like one hell of an evening to me… what do you think? Are you up for a challenge?