London Does Have Street Food, and these are the Best

As is the case with many developed countries, the culture of street food in London lived through an era of being pushed out. But thanks to a resurgence in the practice, buoyed not in small part by the influx of new citizens from abroad, London’s streets are home to some very excellent stalls and street establishments. Here’s a look at some of the best of the best.

Horn OK Please

Horn OK please

No list of London street food would be complete, or even valid, without mention of one of the Indian food stalls found throughout the proper. And you’ll be happy to know that one of the best vegetarian offerings around, Horn OK Please, has several locations including Borough Market and Real Food Market. They serve excellent samplings of Indian delicacy, from curried chickpeas to moong dhal dosa and fresh yoghurt sides. Mmm!

Yum Bun

Yum Bun London

We might have our own opinions about the best street food, but we cannot deny the popular accord that rings throughout London’s streets—Yum Bun is awesome! Listen to the sound of this: slow-roasted pork belly bun. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy not much will. The people have voted for Yum Bun as one of the best quick street food snacks in London, and with other items on their menu including Portobello mushroom bums and ginger-salmon ones, the praise only intensifies.

Jamon Jamon

Jamon Jamon

Also located at Real Food Market is Jamon Jamon, a staple for anyone who enjoys a bit of Spanish paella. You should give yourself a healthy buffer time because there will be lines. And there’s no wonder the lines stretch for so long—as soon as you catch a whiff of the sizzling mariscos, your heart will be decided. Valencia is nowhere better represented than at Jamon Jamon.

Creperie Nicolas

Creperie Nicolas

London isn’t that far from Paris, after all, and the Englishman’s love-hate relationship with the French can always be soothed over with a perfectly-crisp French crepe. Creperie Nicolas is where it’s at, their crepes serving as the perfect complement to all the other amazing London street food that you find at Real Food Market. The offerings are expansive, from sweet vanilla crepes topped with Nutella to elegant combinations of mushroom and bacon-brie. Again, we say ‘mmmm’!

Mama’s Jerk Station

Mamas Jerk Station

Over at Camden Lock Market you’ll find the kind of culinary street food treat that will take you back to your days vacationing in the Caribbean. This is a Jamaican joint, known above all for Mama’s hot pepper sauce—the ideal taste to wake you up and keep you on the go. They offer an assortment of wraps from the jerk chicken to veggie bean and sausage wraps, so there’s something to satisfy every palette.



Grilled cheese. Need we say more? Picture this: Poilane sourdough, fried garlic and onion, Montgomery cheddar and a surprising twist; leaks. Make the bread slightly tough, melt it all together and you have a concoction fit for Hercules. They offer a number of other melted goodies—like the potato raclette!

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So that’s it for now. These are some of the best street foods in London. Enjoy!