Where to Find the Best Burger in London

It’s not McDonald’s, and it’s definitely not Burger King, although both of those American classics can be found in London. No—the best burgers in London are homegrown and popular. We’re talking about burgers with heart. Not heart in the literal sense, but the kind of burger that comes from a time-honored process whereby a man wants a really good meal with a smile, and so he constructs a meat patty that serves both goals. Below are the results of burger love.


meatliquor burger

You can’t make reservations at this place, not in London anyway. It’s an interesting marketing ploy if you ask me—queues are obviously going to form, and queues turn heads. Anyway, the burger in question is the Bacon Cheeseburger, and it’s a massage for the senses. The seared meat breaks seductively at its rim and the steamed-on cheese oozes into the consequent ravines. Add to that some cuttings of crisp red onion, shredded fried bacon, crunchy lettuce and compound it between a fresh bun and you’ve got a darn fine example of burger-love incarnate.

Patty and Bun

Patty and Bun Burger

Although small by American standards, Patty and Bun serves up some great burgers that pack a much bigger punch than their bigger counterparts in the New World. Try the Lambshank Redemption Burger. Yes, it’s called that. The meat is lamb with coriander and chili infused. Now it gets complicated: throw it onto a brioche bun with cumin aioli, feta cheese, buttermilk baby courgettes and pickled aubergine and you’ve got what a lot of Londoners consider to be one of the best burgers in town.

Bar Boulud

Bar Boulud

Located on Kingsbridge, this restaurant boasts a twin in NYC, and so its qualifications as a place of food are set in stone. Now, the burger that they offer is something quite extraordinary. It’s not the typical fare you can find at any other joint in or out of town. This 7-story tower of garnish and decadence is built of the best ingredients to be had. One floor is a short rib braised in red wine, and another floor is a sliver of succulent foie gras. Then you have a truffle floor, and a tomato that needs words I don’t have to describe, and all of it stacked gorgeously between the shelves of an artisanal bun.

Honest Burgers

honest burger

Let’s bring things back down to the earthen plane, shall we? Honest Burgers is a more reasonably priced burger, and that naturally makes it a more appealing place to snag a bite, because a burger is supposed to be reasonably priced, at least in my opinion. Anyway, Honest Burgers brings organic British chuck steak from Ginger Pig to the fore. The burger comes with a side of delicate, mouth-watering fries sprinkled in rosemary and salt. Go here—this is the place you were hoping to read about when you began this article.

Five Guys


In Covent Garden, this American fast food joint reminds Britons that in that country, a burger is supposed to be huge. The restaurant is said to be better fitted than its American brothers, but the burger comes with all the health warning sirens that you’d expect to go off in your head. Maybe you opted for the jalapeño topping, or maybe you went traditional. Either way, you’ll soon discover that the hectic rush of the clientele trying to get their fix is well justified; the burger is awesome.

Oh come on, we had to end the list with an American classic! We bashed them in the introduction; it is only fair that we at least acknowledge their kingship in the question of burgers (even though the list here might have something to say about that). And what if you would find the best burger on a supper club in London? make a visit… you’ll never know! 🙂

 Photo credit:  Vegas Travelivery