Where to Eat on a First Date in London

This article is not for one gender but for everyone, so know that the London restaurants listed here are great places to take a first date whether they’re a guy or a gal. And anyway, London has so many restaurants that you simply cannot exhaust your options, even if you tried. It’s always a serious decision when you’re going on that first date. You don’t want the experience to be too romantic, but at the same time you want to make your intentions clear. This will require you to understand the person somewhat before choosing where to go. A good failsafe is to visit a restaurant that will require you to be active in some way. Go ahead and read on to see what we mean.

Feng Shui Dining

Date night food


This London restaurant located in The City is a great one for first dates. Why? Well, for starters it has a great name, utterly relevant to your circumstances with the potential partner. Secondly, the place is absolutely vibrant, which saves you from too much romanticism. Finally, it’s dim sum. Dim sum is of course another way to stay active, empowering you to order new dishes on which you can converse at length.

Claude’s Kitchen 

Amuse Bouche


If you’re willing to risk a bit more intimacy, this is a great place to start. It makes for an especially nice venue if yours is a lunch date. It’s always important to choose interesting establishments, and that can mean any of a number of different things. In Claude’s case, it means meals prepared with intriguingly diverse produce. You’ll be surprised by the fare, which is apparently British, but which you might never have seen before.

Imli Street

Imli Street


Have you ever been to Spain? Their tapas is a great way to experience another person during a meal. You get to try different dishes and comment on them, all while learning the subtleties your companion. But this is not a Spanish tapas bar—it’s an Indian tapas bar. So now we’re outside of Europe and into a whole new world of culinary prowess. Trust us though, this is a great London restaurant for that first date.



Head to Hampstead for our final entry into the best restaurants for a first date. Oliver’s is where you’ll find those fish n’ chips. Especially if your date is from outside the UK, this will be a nice experience for them. But even if that’s not the case, fish and chips comprise one of the best date foods—it’s fast, relatively inexpensive and hearty.

So those are our suggestions. First dates can prove tough nuts to crack, but if you have the right approach, it’s not that hard to break the shell. And remember that there’s always the option of a supper club in London for socializing in group, removing a bit of stress!