Where to Eat the Best Brunch in London

London is the only place in the world to eat brunch. What? Really? No not really, but what we mean to say is that it’s the only place in the world that seems to take brunch seriously, and not just the word. On any given day, hearts are melting all over London and resolving to finally pay attention to this oft-ill thought of eating time. We’ll tell you where you can get your fill of heartache.


The Table Café

It has only been seven years since this South Bank establishment came into being, but we really like it. As soon as you walk in, the fact that an architecture firm had something to do with its founding will no longer come as a surprise. Instead, you’ll admire the modernist tables on which you will be served food that is award-winning for both its taste and its sourcing. Weekend brunch can get crowded, so get there early.


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Image Credit:  The Table Cafe


The Landmark Winter Garden

We’re going right to the top of the financial ladder with this one, but for good reason. If you have the time, money and the seemingly requisite special occasion (wait till you see the menu item prices), then head over to London’s Landmark Hotel. Essentially a tropical greenhouse café under the glass-covered courtyard, you will feel transported to 1930’s Casablanca. The food is to die for if you’ll have already survived the first impression.

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Image Credit: www.landmarklondon.co.uk


Lola & Simon

Dog lovers will appreciate the history of this Ravenscourt Park establishment. The owners named the place after their beloved canines, and now have apparently adapted to being called their pets’ names in turn. The restaurant is attractive, having flourished under the influences of its Kiwi and Argentine husband and wife owners. They’re very particular about sourcing, and get the freshest, most natural ingredients, which you’ll devour in the sleek and homely ambiance of the place.

 chocolate-pudding dscf3054 lola_simon_hammersmith_restaurant_021 lola-and-simon

Image credits: lolaandsimon

Albion Caff

Somewhere on Boundary Street in Shoreditch (hint: the Boundary building), you will find this tucked-away establishment. It’s one of those places that you’ve been waiting to find; the kind of place that offers a unique but straight-forward take on traditional English cuisine. Their breakfast will keep you energized for the day, and the in-house bakery and cake counter are your calling cards to return for brunch tomorrow.

 18heads_600 36115_108280772555621_4691590_n IMG_6307 main shoreditch6

Image credits: albioncaff




Royal Albert Hall

The London brunch that intrigues this author most of all is that offered at Royal Albert Hall in Kensington. There’s something about combining the senses that makes food taste better, and in the case of Albert Hall, it’s the fact that you’re eating in a very historically significant building, and also that there’s live jazz and world music playing your brunch’s theme. You can only grab brunch on Sundays, and not every Sunday at that. It makes the experience all the more special knowing that you’ve managed to find yourself a seat in Café Consort. The Eggs Benedict is divine, but so is all the other traditional fare on offer.

Cafe-consort-5_edited-1 IMG_08271 sconesjerk-chicken sconesImage credits: www.royalalberthall.com


London is a cosmopolitan city that is bursting with intrigue. So if by some miracle none of these places have inspired interest for you, have no fear; there are yet many, many brunch options elsewhere in London.


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