5 Restaurants It’s Okay To Eat Alone At

There’s absolutely nothing amiss if you want to eat out alone. It’s normal. Sometimes we just want to be by ourselves, and for as many reasons as eating with company. But sometimes there are unexpected considerations to take into account, like do I look like a buffoon eating by myself at this giant suede booth in this fancy romantic Italian restaurant on Valentine’s Day in the City of London? Well, “Table for one” is a phrase that’s on the rise, so to help you avoid the latter scenario, here’s a list of 5 of the best restaurants for lone diners in London.

 1. Eenmaal


Catering to that previously-mentioned rising demand, Eenmaal is filling the void. And they’re doing it in a really entrepreneurial way. In fact, only lone diners can eat here, because that’s the rule! “Table for one” is the only option when you walk through the doors. The menu is already set, and they stay true to the modern trend that propones organic, local ingredients. It’s definitely a curious site, and you’ll catch yourself in a double take before you realize that it’s not an art gallery, it’s Eenmaal.

 2. Sushi Tetsu

Sushi Tetsu

There are few kinds of food besides sushi that immediately come to mind as a solitary meal to enjoy. Sure we can share sushi and smile and enjoy the tastes together, but something about eating sushi alone makes the experience more vibrant. And Sushi Tetsu in Clerkenwell is the best place in London to dine on Japanese cuisine alone. And if not for the awesome food itself, then why? The bar. Simply put. You should call ahead, though, because it’s not an extensive bar—it’s actually just right.

 3. J Sheekey Oyster Bar


Call us cheeky but the truth of the matter is that a busy guy is a happy guy whether he’s accompanied or alone. Not far from the Westminster tube stop you’ll find this involved restaurant to your individual liking. The reason you will like J Sheeky’s is because it’s informal, there’s plenty of seating at the bar (where we tend to have anonymous neighbors), and you can feel like a stranger among friends in its convivial and eclectic seafood-joint ambiance.

 4. Oliveto


Italian pizza. Are you noticing a trend here? It seems a lot of the best restaurants for eating alone in London revolve around the type of food we’re talking about. And Italian pizza takes the cake. There’s a reason they offer “personal pizzas”, no? Over near Sloane Square you’ll find Belgravia’s pizzeria king. It’s part of the Olivo restaurant group, so you can be sure that you’re getting a fine meal. You’ll be so involved in the toppings of these delicate, crispy disks that you’ll hardly even notice that you’re eating alone.

 5. The Rum Kitchen


If you’re thinking that this is a great place to eat alone because you get tipsy off the food, you’d be mistaken. But that’s not to say that rum is not on offer. Indeed, it would be out of character for a restaurant billed as a Caribbean fusion establishment to neglect the appropriate drinks menu. The reason it’s a great place for loners in London is because it offers great jerk dishes at reasonable prices, and there are ample seats at the bar and high tables.

So with all that being said—go to that super romantic Italian restaurant. Sit at the big burgundy booth and stretch out. Dining out doesn’t always have to be a social affair. You can enjoy unconditional London as an individual, and you can go anywhere! But if you are looking for a social food experience, you always have the TryMyKitchen supper clubs in London!