Too Hot to Handle !

Do you have a favorite really spicy dish you tried in a restaurant lately. We’d love to hear from you. Here is a few to start off the list :




Spicy Pho

Found at – Cafe East, London

Pho is a Vietnamese dish which looks like an ordinary noodle soup with herbs sprinkled over it. Generally, the spices vary according to the taste of whom it is served to. However, the Spicy Pho served at Café East, a Vietnamese café in Southwark will blow your sense out.

Phall Curry

Found at – The Cinnamon Club, London

The most interesting fact about Phall curry is that while it sounds Indian, it actually originated from the UK. It is prepared with Indian spices, like the naga chilli, scotch bonnet and ten different types of chilies at the same time in some cases. It is called the spiciest curry in the world. The Cinnamon Club’s Bollywood Burner is the spiciest you can find in UK.

The Saltdean Sizzler Pizza

Found at – Paul’s Pizza, Brighton

It is one of the spiciest Pizzas you can find in the UK. It has been served for many years, but the restaurant claims that only 12 people have ever been able to eat it all. While most spicy food lovers love the pizza even if they cannot eat it all, people who cannot bear the heat call it a terrifying and torturous experience.

Death by Pizza

Found at – The Little Italy Pizza Company, Sleaford

If you are not impressed with the Saltdean Sizzler, then you probably have no feeling in your taste buds. It is called the ‘Spiciest Pizza in the world’ and yes, it is found in the UK. You actually need to sign a disclaimer prior to trying it, but if you can eat it all without giving up, you win 20 pounds. The pizza contains so many spices that the chefs have to wear gas mask while preparing it.

Curry Hell

Found at – Rupali Indian Restruant, Newcastle

Again, it is one of the spiciest curries you can find in the UK. Many people claim that the curry has unique effects ranging from nausea to hallucinations. Yes, it is that spicy. It is also offered for free to anyone who can finish it.