5 Places To Visit On A Foodie Expedition

When it comes to travel, foodies are the best researchers. We want to be sure that our destination is one of curious concoctions. If you’re truly a foodie, you might even try to time your trip abroad with a national or international food festival. Whether themed food or not, national festivals typically offer a wealth of national dishes to explore. Thanks to the great diversity of our planet, and thanks to your resolve, you will find the intriguing food no matter where or when you go. Here are 5 of the best places on earth for a foodie vacation.


Machu Picchu, Peru

Peruvian Food

Peru is the gastronomic capital of South America. Its neighbors have everything to be jealous about. Ecuador is a tiny country that can’t match the same culinary diversity, Chile is proud of its bread and beer, and Brazil, though it has a great diversity of dishes, it’s the same diversity across the whole of its territory. Peru is where the foodie will salivate justly at every turn. From the traditional trout dishes in the mountains to the fresh fish and ceviche of the coast, Peru will keep your tongue intrigued. Maybe you should time your trip to arrive in September for the awesome food festival, Mistura.


French food


This is a no-brainer. And it never gets old. In fact, when you visit France to enjoy its culinary mastery and medieval towns, you can expect to feel young, if anything. France is considered the gastronomic capital of the planet. So if aliens one day descend upon us, perhaps they’ll be foodies, in which case everyone will point them in France’s general direction. Filet mignon, crepes, crème brule, ratatouille,  bouillabaisse, camembert, Bordeaux wine… you get the idea.


chinese food

Where France has the title of high cuisine gastronomic capital of the world, China surely takes the cake, so to speak, for being the country with the widest variety of ingestibles, from the expected to the outright bizarre. Over a billion people live in China, and its culture is one of the oldest on Earth. Naturally, you’d hope to find a well-developed sense of taste, and that you will. There’s no better time to go than during the Chinese New Year, when every big city and small town will be festive and aromatic.



We might be foodies, but we’re talking about vacations, after all. So where does gastronomic potential best combine with a relaxing atmosphere? Look no further than Mexico. In fact, we have a specific area to mention—head to Puerto Escondido or thereabouts. It will be the high season because the sun will be at its highest, and the waves too. Lovely beaches and pina coladas will accompany your fish tacos, mote and camarones. Mmmm…


Alaskan sea food


What? Alaska isn’t a country! Or is it? A lot of Alaskans are vehemently independent, often referring to the ‘lower 48’ as though they’re rightly positioned above them. For that reason, we can go ahead and consider Alaska a pretty unique place for the foodie to explore. What kinds of things will you find in Alaska? Only the freshest King Crab and salmon filets! Alaska is known for its seafood, and though you can find it in Seattle, you want a more memorable vacation during which you can combine your love of food with exploration of its origins.

That’s all she wrote, then. 5 of the best places for a foodie vacation. Enjoy!

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