4 Vegetarian Restaurants in London You Should Know About

When faced with the decision to dine vegetarian stares you unexpectedly in the face, whether for the love of a good friend or the love of a healthy lifestyle, one thing you can be sure to count on is the choice of unadulterated pleasure and taste.

Gone are the days where vegetarian cuisine means green leaves wrapped up in brown stuff, heck, gone are days where vegetarian means only salad! Nope, London welcomes you to a new kind of No Meat experience, which surely rivals that of Los Angeles’ conscious eating.

Sit back and let us take you through our top 4 vegetarian eateries to head to in London (Personally tested by us). You’ll be begging for more, it’s ok though, it’s all good for you!

Mildred’s – Soho


Think mains which include, stir fried Asian vegetables cooked in teriyaki sauce with garlic and ginger, fresh chilli and coriander served with organic brown rice, toasted cashews and marinated organic tofu and then think Desserts which consist of a ravishing chocolate truffle cake, rich and tart, topped with a light and airy raspberry cassis. The food is the very main reason why this little restaurant tucked away in the streets of Soho is always packed to the brims every night. But don’t be alarmed by the crowds, they have a bar so you can sip on some ‘Albert i Noya, Cava can Vendrell’ (a suggestion) or whatever takes your fancy, whilst you wait.

Tibits – Mayfair


tibits2Buffet meals are nothing to be snobbish about and this eatery has some of the best buffet foods in London, and yes you may quote us on that!

Based in a side square in the flashy Mayfair, this art deco/bohemian-esque eatery presents you plant based food options like no other. A round table filled with carrot halva, lemon drizzle cake, cous cous, crispy onion rings, raw mango tart, vegan sticky toffee pudding, we could go on but leave some of that salivating for when you are actually at the restaurant.

 Manna – Primrose Hill


manna burger


Um, can we just get a high five for Manna please, simply because they are situated in the perfect location, why? Because you take a stroll around the lush Primrose Hill, work up an appetite and there you see it, a beautiful gourmet style Indian restaurant just begging your taste buds to peak around its doors. Inside it’s classy, romantic even, and perfect for a first (vegetarian) date.

The food is an infusion of East meets West, with menu options such as Indian Pizza, yep, Indian pizza! Topped with chickpea masala, tamarind chutney and a cucumber raita, or perhaps a plate of organic spaghetti with veatballs sounds more like it? The thing is you can mix and order and be wild about it, there is no animals to be reckoned with here!

Oh but do save some room for the glorious desserts, from liqueur ice creams to raw mojito tarts, all we know is you don’t need to be drinking here to have a good time.

Amico Bio – Holborn and Farringdon


amicobiofoodAmico Bio is the original Italian vegetarian and vegan stop in London. The owners hail all the way from Naples, where they started their first restaurant. It must have worked exceptionally well that they decided to bring the traditional fare overseas to us and we thank them for it!

It only takes a bite of their hearty Italian breads to completely be in love with this place, many non vegetarians bring themselves back here just for the bread tray! If you fancy a ladies afternoon tea, this is one place you should check out, they do a great vegan tea and their rice milk cheese comes all the way from Naples and psst…. is the best vegan cheese we’ve had!

amicobioinIf you have waited around to read this bit, then what are you waiting for? Go check these places out and leave us a comment if you do, we are eager to know how everyone else finds them. Or if you know somewhere equally as delectable give us a shout and we’ll take ourselves there too.

Image credits go to all restaurants mentioned in the post.

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