10 Food Documentaries You Must Watch.

Documentaries can be compelling at the best of times, you watch five minutes and there’s not a chance you won’t want to continue.

We’ve created a round-up of 10 must-see documentaries about food and the wider social and economic issues within the industry that you don’t want to miss. Have a browse through these, they will change the way you think about what and how you eat forever.


Yung Chang’s THE FRUIT HUNTERS is a masterpiece among documentaries. THE FRUIT HUNTERS takes us through a journey, searching for the world’s most exotic fruits in places civilisation has forgotten about. It will change perceptions of our current interaction with nature.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

If you love sushi, you are guaranteed to love this. The documentary follows the legendary culinary creations of Chef Jiro Ono. The 85-year-old was the first to be awarded three Michelin stars for his sushi, which goes for $300 a plate in a 10-seater sushi bar, located in a Tokyo subway station.


Vegucated takes on a social experiment by challenging three meat and cheese lovers from New York, to adopt a vegan lifestyle for six weeks. Do they decide continue with their new lifestyles? Watch it to find out.


This documentary follows participants in the brutally competitive Meilleur Ouvrier de France, France’s Nobel Prize for Pastry.  Over three days, sixteen chefs whip up desserts no less than culinary art in order to be capped King of Pastry. Sorry Great British Bake Off, but this one takes the cake (pun intended).

Beer Wars

It’s difficult for independent brewers to compete with the corporate beer titans, but we bet that this documentary can probably changed that. For beer lovers and brewers all over the world, this one’s for you.

Hungry For Change

Hungry for Change exposes the real truth behind “DIET”, “SUGAR-FREE” and “FAT-FREE” and what the food industry isn’t telling you. A hard-hitting documentary that can help us make the correct food choices that benefits our health.


This provocative documentary tells the story of small-family farmers and co-ops that were offering non-toxic and healthy foods to their communities. However they were raided by the authorities and forced to stop.

The Moo Man

This feature-length documentary follows English farmer Steve Hook and his herd of cows. With the cost-cutting measures and prices wars undertaken by supermarkets, this story shows us the knock-off effect it has on this small farmer and how he copes with those changes.

From The Wild

This Canadian 12-part show is all about wild foods – fished, hunted and foraged from the great outdoors, they go beyond anything you find in the supermarkets. The cinematography is visually breath-taking.

Pressure Cooker

Three Philadelphia high school students enter a cooking competition with scholarship money on the line. Their tough culinary arts class-teacher Wilma Stephenson runs a tight-ship, and if they can withstand her tough command, they have the stamina to handle the competition