Three Amazing Polenta Dishes

You’re reading this either because you know what polenta is and you’re excited to read about a new way to use it, or you’re here because the word ‘polenta’ looked interesting. For those yet uninitiated, know that polenta is maize cornmeal powder boiled into a porridge. You can then cook it however you see fit, or eat it as the porridge. What we offer you now, and what should be of interest to all parties now that we’re clear on what polenta is, are three ways to prepare and serve your polenta.

And, by the way, they’re amazing.


Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Soup over Polenta


Polenta is a base, like rice or pasta. It’s a great substitute for the latter two, and comes packed with nutrients. As a base, it lends itself particularly well to being spiced up with other food. Enter the roasted chicken and veggies. What gives this dish its excellence is its moistness, the liquid of the soup impregnating the polenta with bursts of flavor. First you’re going to prepare the rotisserie chicken and vegetables. You’ll need chicken broth, pepper, sale, vinegar, garlic and tomatoes. Add chunks of the boneless chicken breast and simmer. The polenta needs to be rigid, and fried briefly in strips, like French fries. When all is ready, you’ll top the polenta slices with the chicken and vegetable mix, and voila.

Sprinkle some cheese for extra deliciousness.


Polenta Crust Omelet


Oh, my stomach is growling writing this. Imagine your favorite omelet complete with garlic, peppers, onions, egg and chips of bacon. Now imagine the crust. You’ve been able to make a decent omelet with a browned crust before, but now there’s a way to not only create a stolid shell, but also to add a hint of corn. It’s an amazing use of polenta, and easy to do. First, you’ll boil some chicken broth.

Add in the cornmeal powder slowly in order to create the polenta. But instead of making porridge, you’ll cook accordingly until it sits in the pan as a mold for the omelet. Essentially, by the time you’ve added your omelet mixture and set the new the thing to bake, you’ve created a quiche.

Grilled Polenta with Ramp Chimichurri

This one we found online and can’t resist its draw. Wow. It’s a springy dish with all the fixings necessary to culinary refreshment. You’ve going to end up with discs of fried polenta, which you will then top with chimichurri one by one. It makes for a great dinner party dish. First, the polenta: boil vegetable stock, olive oil, honey, salt and water. At this point you’ll be adding the cornmeal steadily.

When the lump-less mixture bubbles, transfer it to another dish and add in yeast, oregano, olives and whatever else you feel will enhance the taste. You’ll refrigerator the mass in a pan, and later cut the shapes out to be grilled. As for the tamp chimichurri, you know what to do: in a blender combine red vinegar, pepper, olive oil, ramps, coriander, parsley and salt. That’s it. Golden brown polenta discs with

delectable ramp chimichurri topping.

Image credits go to Green and Marie, Martha Stewart and Food 52