The Ramen Burger and Ramen Pizza

For those of you out there who want to try a burger or pizza with a twist , you should know that there’s another way to enjoy pizza and burgers without the invasive presence of bun and crust. Of course you’ve already read the title of the article, so you know that we’re talking about the ramen alternative. Instant noodles exploded onto the food scene and have since become a serious industry in the world. They’re cheap, easy and tasty; and you can find them everywhere. And now, using ramen, chefs have devised innovative substitutes for gluten-packed bread products. Let’s have a look at two of the most popular ramen treats that are right now taking the foodie market by storm.


The Ramen Burger

We have the Japanese chef Keizo Shimamoto to thank for his obsession with ramen, which has resulted in the fabulous creation that provides  diners with an alternative to hamburger buns. His is the ramen art. He has created an almost cult following behind him because of his simple epithet: “Go Ramen! Go Life!” But it was his NYC debut of the Ramen Burger that truly brought his love of ramen to the mainstream.

How can you not be dazzled by the strange aspect of a hamburger that has, instead of a fluffy bun, a fried patty of ramen? The wavy pattern is hypnotizing. Your mind tries to tell you exactly what you should expect, but then all at once you realize that the salty goodness of ramen mixed with the juicy grilled patty, arugula, onion and ketchup, in fact creates the most splendiferous taste ever!

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All you need in order to prepare your own ramen burger is the aforementioned ingredients. The trick is, once you have the ramen prepared and drained, to mix in a single egg and bat it in there nice and good. Then, wrap the noodles in plastic wrap, form the patties by pressing them into a bowl, and weigh them down with something. Then, set them in the refrigerator to cool. When they’re cool enough that they keep their form, fry them in an oiled sauce pan on high heat, and voila; 21st century hamburger buns.


The Ramen Pizza

In the same vein as the burger, the ramen pizza offers an alternative.  The ramen pizza is a bit more complicated than the burger, but just as intriguing.

It was J. Kenzi Jopez-Alt who took the cue from Keizo’s ramen burger sensation to create something different. Pizza was a logical next step.

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Prepare the ramen in the same way as the burger, but form the crust instead by weighing it in the cast iron or non-stick pan that you’ll use. Once it holds its form, fry it in the same pan to make the bottom golden crispy. Once the crust is made, go about preparing your favorite pizza toppings as you would do with normal dough. Throw the whole thing in the oven, bake, and voila!