Spring Recipes

Sun has finally arrived! And naturally we are on the hunt for recipes that curb our appetite but are light on our tummies. This summer is all about serving up lighter versions of our well-loved dishes.

Feast your eyes on these preparations, and let their creativity inspire your kitchen.

Ramen revisited – How to make Dashi via My New Roots

Skip the salty packaged ramen and make your own broth instead. Dashi is the broth used in Ramen, which is made from Shitake and kelp and dried fish. This recipe uses an organic plant based broth so it’s lighter on the sodium content and on our bodies.



Grilled Sriracha-Tahini Sweet Potato Skewers with Halloumi via Naturally Ella

Want to host a ‘skinny’ summer barbeque? Just replace the meat with Sweet potato and Halloumi. Easy!

pic 2

Oven-baked asparugus and eggs via Hemsley and Hemsley

Skip the frying pans and head for the oven. No mess, no standing over a hot flame, especially in the heat and no enegy drop. This is a hearty, healthy version of a full English, with a fraction of the amount of calories.


Cajun scallop and cod in rice noodles via The Model Foodie

Seafood is much lighter than meat and health-friendly, so whip up a batch of these rice noodles and add your favourite fish and scallops, drop in a bit of Cajun mix and have at it.


Single serving chocolate cheesecake brownie baked oatmeal via Chocolate Covered Katie

Um, can we get some praise for the lady who invented the cheesecake and brownie marriage. This is heaven in a bite and virtually fat free.



Skinny breakfast ice cream via The Lononder

Summer is all about ice cream, But let’s forget about that stodgy, sugar-filled ice cream and turn to a much beach body friendly version, which is this fruit and coconut mix. Literally fill your blender up with summer berries and coconut cream/milk and whiz, come on now, that’s super fast breakfast at best.