The Perfect Barbecue to Have with Friends

There’s nothing quite as ubiquitous of summer as a good, aromatic, neighbourly barbecue. And as summer is just around the corner, there’s no harm in humoring your anticipation of that favored BBQ backyard event with a little forethought. So here’s to barbecues and their ability to dazzle. Let’s have a look-see at what an ideal, diverse barbecue with friends might look like.


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It all begins with the grill of choice. I am a traditionalist, and so I will always resort to the best all around grill for a neighborhood barbecue. The Weber doesn’t have a lot of fancy gimmicks and dials. All you need is black coal to throw into its basin, squeeze on lighter fluid, strike a match and allow the coals to burn and then glow. Simplicity always pays off in the end.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs


The traditional American barbecue always incorporates in some way the hamburger and the hot dog. They cannot exist irrespective of one another; and friends will appreciate that you don’t take their barbeque know-how for granted. If you’re going to do hamburgers and hot dogs, make sure they’re all-beef patties infused with cloves of garlic and grilled onion.

Argentinian Asado


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Whoa, whoa! We’re getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? Isn’t Argentina a little far off? Yeah, it is, but their tradition is not all that different from the North’s. They like good, quality meat, which they traditionally cook on their massive “parrillas”, and they like it with nothing but high-grade sea salt. Your friends will be impressed by your BBQ’s worldly demeanor.

Prime Rib

prime rib

For a more traditional barbecue that hits closer to home, you should definitely consider stacking some prime rib on that grill. The best thing you can do for your friends and guests is marinate the ribs well. Here’s a tasty recipe: mince some garlic, mix it with some Dijon, olive oil, rosemary, basil and pepper, sprinkle some salt and you’ll have a succulent treat to share with unsuspecting friends.

Mexican Chorizo

Mexican Chorizo

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Instead of hot dogs or brats, why not grill up a half dozen chorizos? We have to say that the Johnsonville brand delivers well. Their chorizo comes stuffed with the requisite paprika and chili, representing Latin America’s beloved chorizo in loyal style.

The Right Mackerel


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You can really liven up the BBQ scene with something unique, and something that will speak to the appetites of those friends who won’t otherwise partake in the meatier barbecue fare. The best way to grill mackerel is to place it skin-side down, with only a light marinade of lemon juice, salt, pepper and olive oil. It won’t take long to cook. It goes extremely well with a light tossed salad, courgettes and avocado.

Dash’s Zucchini

grilled courgettes

Maybe some of your friends are vegetarians, and you won’t want to leave them out! A truly palatable concoction is the grilled zucchini. If you haven’t heard of Mrs. Dash seasoning, then you are in for a treat once you discover it, if it’s available where you are. First spread olive oil or butter on the sliced zucchini, then sprinkle Mrs. Dash’s. Mmm. You’ll be a convert from then on.

We hope you enjoy your summer barbecue; these suggestions will definitely help so keep them handy.