Popsicle Ideas for the (end of) Summer

When the heat finally comes around after the long fall, we’re usually pretty happy. But it doesn’t

take long for the sunny rays to take their toll, and suddenly we crave cold input all the time. Foodies

love summer because we get to experiment with that most ubiquitous and bizarre food—the popsicle. If

you haven’t dabbled in popsicle prepping, then you ought to. To help you get underway, here are some

cool ideas, and pardon the pun.


Cappuccino Popsicle

Coffee pop

We’ve traded the café favorite for the park’s best treat. Instead of adding to the swelter, why

not grab a cappuccino (or make one yourself), and pour it into a mold. This has to be one of the tastiest

ways to down a cappuccino.


Choconut Freeze

Chocolate coconut

Coconut. Chocolate. ‘Nuff said. Actually, we could say a whole lot more. Make sure to add the

right amount of sugar, because this one could be easily overdone.


Peaches and Cream

Peaches and cream

Orange creamsicle pops don’t have anything on a good peaches and cream. When you take the

chunks of peaches and freeze them in their creamy cocoon, then you will have exaggerated the matter—

it’s irresistibly good.


Black Cow

beer float pops

Some people call them root beer floats, but the name Black Cow is a lot cooler. It’s easy, just

combine your favorite root beer with ice cream and let it freeze. This one is going to be a hit with the

neighborhood, if let them in on it.




Oh yes, we went there. Have you tried sangria in popsicle form? It’s just as moderate at the

drink in terms of alcohol, but it retains a very festive aroma all the same. This one’s a great idea for

summer patio parties.


Cherry Honey

cherry honey

Combine crushed cherries with the freshest honey (now that we’re in season), throw in your

choice of cream, milk or yogurt, and the resulting popsicle is good enough for Hades (it’s cold down

there, right?)


Peanut Butter Crisp Pop

peanut butter pop

Is it too weird to try to freeze peanut butter? I always thought putting peanut butter on

pancakes was strange, but then, we can’t bash it until we try it. I can imagine peanut butter popsicles,

but they’d have to come with a crunch.


Mango Mojito

mango pops

Another one for the family album, because you know uncle Bill is going to go crazy for these.

The sweetness of mango combined with the tart spike of minty mojito will prove an especially powerful

combination when the temperature is dropped to below freezing!


Strawberry Chocolate Almond

strawberry chocolate pops

Get this: you blend together strawberries and your favorite chocolate, and then you add a tiny

bit of milk and crushed almonds. After you try the resulting popsicle, you’ll be hard pressed in

convincing yourself that you don’t actually have time to market it to the big shots, no.

There you have it, enough popsicles to keep your freeze filled with rarity. If you have kids, they’ll

be happy you got hooked to the summer popsicle craze.


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