How to Make a Healthy Smoothie

Oh wow, are smoothies delicious! It’s having all of your favorite flavors broken down for easy consumption and quick satisfaction—and the best part about it is the health benefit (if you do it right). But you have to do it right! There’s no other way about it. In order to create a healthy smoothie, you have to combine healthy ingredients, simply put. One of the commandments of the healthy smoothie is to do away with processed sugars. Also, do your best to use organic produce where you can—your body will thank you for these decisions later. So, here we have a few ideas of how to make healthy smoothies.


carrot smoothie


That’s what we’re calling this smoothie. You might never have thought to combine mango with carrot if not for this post. So what gives? The truth is that combining fruit and vegetables is a great idea, because where the healthy vegetable lacks natural sugars, the healthy fruit comes to the rescue.  Another act of pure bliss is to toss in a half can of coconut water or milk, and a spoonful of ground cinnamon. We’re not the only ones to champion this smoothie, but we’re among the proudest!


Strawberry Smoothie

Try not to get bored of these fused titles—they’re way cooler than if we were to tell you that this is a Strawberry Almond smoothie. But that’s precisely what it is. Fresh almonds are unrivaled for their health benefits, and strawberries are unrivaled for their freshness. Combined, they pack a punch that your digestive track will thank you for giving. You can use a bit of water, but better you use something thicker, like natural Greek yogurt or additional almond milk.


Banana Smoothie

Sticking to this theme of naturally sweet, digestively beneficial smoothies, prepare yourself for the best of them all. The Banano, as we’re calling it here, is a classic banana-cocoa smoothie. You can treat yourself well while at the same time tickling that sweet tooth of yours that was raised on cheap, easy and hazardous processed sugars. You will not easily forget the combination of ripe Cavendish bananas with organic cocoa powder, spring water and almond milk.


Kiwi Smoothie

Are you getting tired of these awesome titles we’re creating for healthy smoothies? Good, because this one works really well, we think. Kiwi and honey, two heavy-hitters in the field of nutrition, are combined to create this fantastic blend of taste. Flax and chia seeds can be ground down and added for an extra bit of power.

The Best Smoothie Ever

Best Smoothie Ever

Surprised at the name? Well, this smoothie merits it. Now we’re talking about raspberries, and we’re talking about that undeniable king of goodness, kale. Picture this: kale, raspberries, banana, almond butter, flax seed, wheat germ and honey. It’s a rainbow of color sitting before you on the counter. Now enter the blender, and you have a pinkish smoothie before you. This may very well turn into a daily love affair, so we’ll leave you to it.

The greatest thing about smoothies and the reason they will always be insightful, is that the variations are limitless. It might not be entirely ridiculous, for example, to combine our Kiwoney with the Banano, and so on…

Photo Credits go to Tasty Yummies , Gluten Free From, Soul Food