Get Healthy by Cooking Healthy

In this day and age we have all become more conscious about trying to eat healthier and live longer, avoiding all the lifestyle diseases that threaten our enjoyment and existence.

If you are confused by the myriad of recipes and advice on the internet that claim to be healthy and good for you, you should take advantage of some of the hands on cookery courses that we recommend here at TryMyKitchen, where you will be taught by experts in the field of healthy food.

Some of the courses may surprise you – we have all thought that Indian food, for instance, would be jam-packed with calories –but there are ways to cut down on the calories and enjoy most styles of dishes without the fear factor. Ditto with Chinese food – dumplings and pancakes must be a calorific nightmare? Not at all, you can enjoy a dim sum dish without thinking that you need to starve all day to be able to enjoy those extra tasty treats.

The following courses come with the recommendation of the TryMyKitchen team, who strive to find the best classes to fit your dietary needs and enjoyment! We even include a suggestion of having a private chef visit your home to demonstrate and cook a healthy meal – if you are tight for time, this is a real bonus.

Hire a Private Chef (for healthy eating)

Get some top tips on healthy eating by a hands on professional chef who will visit your home to teach and guide you through the good choices of food to eat in order to maintain your health.

Private Chef


Kitchen Heist offer this wonderful service from a range of highly qualified chefs, one of whom will contact you after your enquiry, to discuss menu possibilities and then custom make a menu to suit.  Every menu is designed to perfectly balance on nutrients and keep you in tip top health. The session takes 3 hours, and can be booked for morning, afternoon or evening, 7 days a week – think about including your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner in the experience and bond over your love of healthy food.

Once the menu has been discussed, you are expected to buy the ingredients before the chef’s arrival so that you are up and ready to go. What’s there to lose? – You will be in the hands of a master chef who will help you produce some stunning dishes.

Cost per person is £90 and this valuable experience in both cooking and food education will stand you in good stead and help you on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

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The Ultimate Vegetarian Cooking Class

Whether you have chosen to be a vegetarian for health reasons, a dislike of meat or other ethical reasons, the London Cookery School have a wonderful day course on offer with a vast array of dishes to cook and sample. You may not know the nutritional values of certain vegetables, or why they are good for you, but this all-encompassing course will give you a precise and interesting insight into vegetarian food.

Vegetarian Cooking Class


At Cookery School, located in Little Portland Street, W1, the atmosphere is fun and informal. They provide the skills necessary to become a confident and independent cook and all of their classes have a very high proportion of hands on practice.

There is always plenty of opportunity to ask questions and gain understanding of supposedly demanding techniques, in fact, the tutors welcome each and every query so that they can help you become more proficient. Every session involves tasting all the food that has been made, further enhancing your ability to become a skilled home cook.

Work with tasty vegetarian pasta dishes, soups, pates, risottos – everything you need for a healthy vegetarian diet. After a welcome breakfast, you will launch straight into their comprehensive course.

Cost of this course is £175 per person, all ingredients provided. Get on your way to becoming a versatile vegetarian cook.

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Low Calorie Indian Food

If you love the personal touch, you cannot get better than a class with Beb, who introduces you to low calorie Indian food with her own special touch. After 25 years of perfecting her flavoursome Indian recipes, Beb will turn you into an officianado of healthy and delicious tasting food from the Indian sub-continent.

Indian Cooking Class


Beb welcomes you with a drink before you proceed through her tasty array of dishes, such as tarka dahl, spicy potato cakes and her own home made paneer (Indian cheese) dish with peas, just to name a few. Beb’s Bites, as they are lovingly called, show her passion for tasty Indian food that is healthy and versatile. If you thought that all poppadums were deep fried, you couldn’t be more wrong. Much of Beb’s food is additive free – that’s the way she likes it!

When you leave after your two and a half hour session, you leave with a ‘taste of Beb’, with a delightful goodie bag of her treats. The session is friendly and fun, but still has the intimate feeling of a cosy dinner party.

Cost is £50 per person – get a group of friends or go alone, Beb will make you feel at ease and very welcome.

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Seasonal Vegetables Course

If you want to learn about new ways to prepare vegetables or vegetable dishes, you should try the B & H course at their purpose built teaching facility in Clerkenwell, London EC1. You will learn about the best vegetables appropriate for the season, how to cut, chop or prepare, and then how to make them into delicious side dishes or meals. The dishes are all ‘stand alone’, so if you are a strict vegetarian or have family members who follow this path, this is the course for you.

Seasonal Vegetables Class


Whatever the season, the B & H tutors will pick fresh from the market vegetables, explain their potential uses and health attributes and turn them into delicious dishes that even the most inexperienced cook can make with ease.  They will also explain why vegetables are good for your body, and why ‘5 a day’ really does count.

The courses are conveniently held in the evenings, and refreshments are provided. Expect to handle all types of vegetables, dependent on season (summer you would expect Jersey Royal potatoes, broad beans, cauliflower and others).

The cost is £60 per person including all the food you can taste!

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Super Sushi!

Whether you are vegetarian or vegan, Alice’s classes in Highgate will teach you the art of Sushi making, whether traditional or the very popular sushi rolls.

You are supplied with your own sushi mat (you can take this home afterwards), and after being served a welcome drink, Alice will deftly show you through her artistry.  She will also explain the different types of seaweed used, and also the varying grains such as quinoa, which is used to complement the Japanese rice.

Sushi Making Class

Sushi is of course all about presentation as well as ingredients, so the colourful vegetables used will help you to present a delightful platter of sushi, ably guided by Alice’s unique design techniques.

Private lessons are taught for two people, but you can arrange groups of friends to join in your fun. A lesson for two costs £80.00, and lasts two hours. Available any day of the week to suit your arrangements.

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Clean Eating Classes

Perhaps you have read about ‘clean eating’ – but do you actually know what it is? Find out on this course held at the Prendergast Vale College, where chefs guide you through the clean eating principles, and all about additives and the ‘dreaded e-numbers’ and how to avoid them. Hosted by the Greenwich Pantry, who have been banging the drum for over 10 years regarding clean eating.

Clean Eating Class

Clean eating is healthy eating, making use of fresh produce with the correct nutritional balance. A ‘rainbow’ of vegetables are recommended, both for their appetising appearance and their health attributes. If you don’t understand product labelling, the experts will be able to teach you how to read them, at the same time as creating delicious and healthy meals for you to replicate at home.

The Cook and Eat team of professionals will tell you how not to diet sporadically and why never to eat processed foods with their healthy recommendations. Aprons and all equipment are provided, but bring along a box or two to take home any leftovers!

Held most evenings during the week, the course costs £42 per person.

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Healthy Chinese Dim Sum Classes

Healthy dim sum is easily achievable with the expert tuition available on this course, hosted by On Café. The lovely Loretta Liu teaches you how to make healthy dim sum, with special recipes for the dough used to encase the beautiful fillings. Both vegan and vegetarian are catered for, but for those who love meat, the pork steamed buns/boiled dim sum and other delights by Loretta will tantalise your taste buds, and make you eager to cook these at home.

They don’t believe in ‘fusion’ here – they believe in perfect marriages of Asian and French influences, using the best ingredients and techniques to make top of the range dim sum dishes.

Dim Sum Class

You can find the On Café located in Wandsworth, and a class costs you £40 per person. It is important to note that ‘On’ means ‘homely and welcoming’ in Japanese, and that is exactly the ambience this class provides at their cookery school. In just 2 hours you could be on your way to making perfect dim sum, and learn the art of beautiful presentation.

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