Christmas Gift Guide 2014

The Try My Kitchen Christmas guide

What to get for the people who stick by you through the washing up, the baking disasters and the Christmas Day preparations?

It sure isn’t easy but we’ve done some  of the hard work for you and got you some fabulous gift ideas for the ones you love.

For Grandma – We love you Grams and we know you love your flowers, so here is your own mini gardening kit.

For Mum – Thanks Mum for slaving away in the kitchen week after week. We just want you to put your feet up and enjoy these lovelies.

For Her – Hi My Love, this isn’t just a scented candle, this is a Jenny Packham scented candle – Got the bubble bath all ready for you too.

For Dad – Hey Dad, you know how you’re always complaining about not having enough chilli in the meals…well check out these babies!

For Daughter – I want to pass down my recipes to you, so you can always have my fabulous cakes you love so much to hand.

For Him – Hey my Love, yeah, thought you’d love it (wink).

For Teen – We know you love chocolate so we got you these, just don’t try to eat them!

For Grandpa – You deserve the best.

For Son – Holy Mole -cular, now you can really try out those food experiments.

Happy Gifting!