Saint Honore – easy-peasy by Inna

Saint Honore – easy-peasy:)


The trick of this cake is that it looks so hard to make and tastes incredibly, but to be honest, if you divide your time and efforts properly, you will not even think that it took you so long to make it! I always spread the work on this cake over 2 days, so it does not make me angry taking my time and lots of powers.  And guests will be extremely happy for jumping in to your place 🙂 And what you may not believe in right now, is that you can make it great ANYWAY, if you follow the tricks. And the tricks are not hard!



Orange cream

75gr sugar

1 egg

2 egg yolks

1/2 tablespoon starch (any)

peel of 1 orange (if you wish to do a hard job 🙂 )

110 ml orange juice

110 gr cold butter


Short-crust dough

150gr plain flour

2tbls sugar

salt (a tiny pinch)

1 tbls white wine (I never have it) or water


Choux paste

200ml milk (I use fat milk so I take half/half water and milk)

80gr butter

pinch of salt

1 glass plain flour

vanilla extract – a few drops

4 eggs


Mascarpone cream

1 box of mascarpone

powdered sugar (see the trick below)


Preparation method:


Day 1: evening. Make a cream. Put it into the fridge. Go to bed. 


How to make it: mix all the ingredients except butter, and cook it all slowly in a bowl with a medium temperature until it gets thick. Do not boil. Cut butter and add it to the hot cream. Wait until it gets cold and put into a fridge. Next day, before putting it onto your cake, you will have to whip it.


Tricks for the cream:

1. frankly, to my deepest surprise, juice bought at the supermarket in this cream makes it even heavenly delicious rather than freshly squeezed juice, even though you make yourself cut the peel and use it for flavor as well. Bottled juice saves plenty of time, and has a proper texture. If you don’t have children who are going to eat it, do not waste your time.


2. When I do not have starch, I put 1tbls of plain flour instead of it. It may make it not that silky, but let’s be honest: it’s going to be you only who will see the difference… So worry not, go for it.


3. If you see that your whipped cream is a bit liquid and you don’t like it, you can dissolve some gelatin in warm juice and mix it into the cream with mixer. Can’t help with proportions inhere, I just prefer to have it a bit liquid in this recipe, because then it makes lots of contrast to and completes mascarpone cream that goes on top of it. To make some creams thicker, I usually take half a portion of gelatin that would be necessary for that amount of mixture, and see how it behaves during whipping. Experiment is the way to find your own truth here




 Day two. Do two types of dough, bake the cake and profiteroles, put your cake together, eat and treat


Task one. Short-crust dough


Mix ingredients for short-crust dough, form the mass into a ball and put it into the fridge for 40min. It can stay like that for longer, no problem. Actually you can keep it like that for 48 hours I believe, and some people even freeze it and hold like for a month or so. But personally, I don’t like to use it after it’s been frozen. It’s just not that pleasant to work with. While it’s getting cold, go to task two.


Task two. Choux dough and its tricks


Cut butter and put it into milk/water with a pinch of salt. Boil it until the butter is melted, and drop a glass of flour in it. Literally, drop it at once, quickly, I mean it. And mix it until the dough makes one solid “ball”. People always say it should take about 2 min, I don’t know why but mine is always ready after less than 1. Maybe it feels I’m often in a hurry 🙂


I often hear and read that you should wait until it gets cold and only then mix the eggs in one by one. Personally, I wait for 2 min, and mix them in. Obviously, you need to mix them in fast do that they do not become an omelet on the top of your creature, but I think it’s faster to mix it into the dough while it’s not much cold. But in this case, you will need more body strength to do it fast, if you’re the same lucky person as I am that does not have a mixer


Task three. Make cake base


Take short-crust paste out of the fridge, roll it over, put a plate that you prepare for your future cake, and cut all the unnecessary staff away. Use the leftovers for cookies, as they do taste nice 🙂 Put it onto a baking tray covered with baking paper ribbed with butter. Then take choux dough, and put it onto the short-crust dust, making two circles: one around the centre, and one – just on the edges of the main dough.



  1. you don’t have to go and buy those fancy baking things to form your choux dough if you don’t have them. Just use two tablespoons, and put them in the water each time you work with choux dough
  1. I bake the base for 10min with temperature 200C, and then I reduce it to 180C and bake for 10 more min.
  1. Even if the fancy choux dough falls down no matter how hard you tried to make it perfect, don’t worry, you will hide it with cream. It still tastes great!

Task four. Profiteroles. That’s where you should put a bit more efforts to try to keep them nice and full

Using the tablespoons washed in water, form around 14-16 profiteroles. Bake them for 10min under the temperature of 180C, then 5min under 150C, switch off the oven, and try to leave them until the oven gets cold. 




Many things may work differently in your oven. If you see they are getting burned, take them out. If they drop down, you can cover them with caramel or chocolate. If they are a way too dark already, you can turn them upside down and hide this shame inside your gorgeous cream.


You will learn to work the time and temperature out with your oven anyway.


Task five. Mascarpone cream – cannot be easier

Take mascarpone, add a bit of sugar, mix it slightly, and try. If you like it, stop. If you need it sweeter, add a bit more sugar. Whip it if you wish. 

Personally, I do not put much sugar in this cream. The orange cream itself is so rich in taste that the task of mascarpone here is to highlight what is hidden under it. 


FINAL TASK: putting it al together


Take the base, and cover the spaces between made by the short-crust dough with orange cream. If your choux dough fell down during cooking, cover everything with orange cream. Hide it, those chefs who come to see you struggling will be likely to  think it may have just got wet if they try to guess what’s happened. Put the profiteroles on the edges of your miracle, making a ring. Put mascarpone cream inside the large ring made.


Tricks: I usually leave some space uncovered by orange cream on the base, and use hot chocolate to make profiteroles to stick to it


Decorating: you can spend some time on making caramel or melting chocolate by yourself, and cover your profiteroles with it; or you may just buy chocolate or caramel sauce at the supermarket. To hide the fact that I did not put much efforts in putting mascarpone cream in a super high-tech way on the top of my cake, I make some chocolate drops all over it and put some desiccated coconut.


Yeah, I have some tricks to make my life easier when cooking this cake. Sometimes I think I could put more efforts and make it super complicated first of all in decoration. But you know what, it anyway looks cute, and tastes like heaven. No matter how hard you try to spoil it during the process 🙂


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Good luck in experimenting!



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