Carciofi alla romana by Francesca

Carciofi alla romana
Artichokes cooked in the Roman way

The best artichokes for this recipe are, of course, the true Roman ones (big and roundish artichokes, very tasty), but it is quite difficult (impossible) to find them in London. So, try this recipe with all the type of artichokes you can find!


Roman (or any other) artichokes
Extra virgin olive oil
Roman mint/Pennyroyal, dry or fresh (menta romana or mentuccia)

How to prepare:

First of all it is necessary to clean the artichokes in the right way:

– with a sharp knife remove the outer (hardest) leaves and keep only the central, most tender, part of the artichoke (the“core”);

– remove the superficial part of the stem, and cut part of it, leaving only some cm;

– enlarge the artichoke core and remove the inner “beard”;

– put the artichokes in a bowl with lemon water (to prevent the formation of black parts) for some minutes (half an hour if you have time).


Chop the garlic and the Roman mint. Put small pieces of garlic and small amount of Roman mint inside the artichoke core and add a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Add some salt and olive oil even on the surface of the artichokes.

Place the artichokes in a nonstick pan containing olive oil (ca. 1-2 cm). Let them cook in the oil for a few minutes (they must fry a bit) and then add water to cover almost the entire head (the part with the leaves) of the artichokes and cover the pan with a lid. Cook in moderate heat.

After about half an hour check the cooking, pricking the artichokes with a fork (if they are ready the fork must very easily enter the artichoke).


Some recipes recommend to add parsley to the garlic and roman mint or parsley and breadcrumbs. Other recipes also add cheese inside the core of the artichokes. I prefer the basic recipe, but feel free to find your best way of cooking these amazing vegetables.

Source: I took the basic recipe from an amazing website of Italian recipes, that I strongly recommend:  Of course I modified the general recipe on the base of my own experience and way of cooking the artichokes. My recipe is the most easy and traditional!  🙂


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