22 Vegetarian and Vegan Blogs for Veggie Lovers

Cookie and Kate 

berry Popsicle

Who: Kate, who lives in Kansas City is a professional photographer as well as a vegetarian foodie.

Why: Her photos of the food are as glamorous as the recipes themselves, have a look at her Roasted Berry and Honey Yogurt Popsicles.

Visit at: http://cookieandkate.com/ – Photo by Cookie and Kate


Naturally Ella

Red Lentils

Who: Erin is a big fan of plant based diets and although she eats meat occasionally, her blog is vegetarian only.

Why:  On Erin’s blog you can browse recipes by season  which we love. Her recipes look earthy, warm and inviting filled with hearty ingredients.

Visit at: http://naturallyella.com/ – Photo by Naturally Ella


Sprouted Kitchen 


Who: Sara is a veggie from California. She blogs about wholefood vegetarian recipes and she is also the author of the book ‘Sprouted Kitchen’, her husband Hugh photographs all her dishes.

Why: Sara cooks with the purest ingredients, everything is naturally wholesome which makes the recipes  all look so fresh.

Visit at: http://www.sproutedkitchen.com/ – Photo – ‘Squash Boats with Quinoa’ from Sprouted Kitchen


Green Kitchen Stories 

Fennel recipe

Who:  David has been vegetarian for 15 years, he runs Green Kitchen Stories with his partner Luise and they have a daughter named Elsa.  They are also authors of the book ‘The Green Kitchen.

Why: The blog is filled with hearty recipes, smoothie recipes, family stories and photos. The recipes are all well thought out and they look so rich in colour and flavour.

Visit their site at: http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/ Photo – ‘Braised Fennel with Saffron and Tomato’ via Green Kitchen stories


Happy Folks 


Who: Kelsey lives in Colorado with her partner Shaun, they both create the content on the blog.

Why:  We love that Kelsey’s photographs show a step by step process, you can envision cooking with her via the blog. Her photographs are stunning and her writing is heartwarming and friendly.

Visit at: http://www.happyolks.com/  Photo – ‘Pizza on the Grill’ via Happy Folks

 This Rawsome Vegan Life 

raw ice cream sandwiches

Who: Emily or ‘Em’ lives in British Columbia, Canada. She a nature loving raw foodie. She is a passionate, culture loving gal on a mission to get everyone thinking differently about raw food through her vibrant recipes.

Why: Aside from her gorgeous raw food recipes such as ‘Chocolate Fudge Bars with Pecan and Maca’ and ‘Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Sandwiches’, her photographs absolutely do her food justice. There is some major raw food porn happening on Emily’s blog.

Visit at: http://www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com/ Photo via This Rawsome Vegan Life.

 My New Roots 

Carob and fig muffins

Who:  Sarah is a holistic nutritionist from Toronto and lives in Copenhagen. She shares her knowledge of wholesome food through her blog.

Why: Sarah gives us bursts of inspiration and tons of valuable information of how to care for your body and look after your health through good food. Her photography is as beautiful as her recipes.

Visit at http://www.mynewroots.org/site/ Photo – ‘Carob and Fig Muffins’ via My New Roots

Edible Perspective 

chocolate dipped buckeyes

Who: Ashley created Edible Perspective after she moved to Colorado with her husband Chris, she has since found the passion for photography and Gluten free  food. The couple now live in Denver and Ashley is also the author of the book ‘Baked Doughnuts for Everyone’

Why: Ashley creates a variety of recipes, from grain free to gluten free to vegan and protein packed.  She visits lush herb gardens and farms and she shares life stories, experiences and photographs.

Visit at: http://www.edibleperspective.com/ Photo – ‘Chocolate Dipped Buckeyes’ via edible Perspective

Amuse Your Bouche 

Vegetarian Burritos

Who: Becca lives in Liverpool, England with her finance. She works with children and loves simple veggie cooking.

Why: This blog is all about simple cooking that does not take up too much time, actually most recipes are made in under 30 minutes which is perfect for the working week!

Visit at: http://www.amuse-your-bouche.com/

Manifest Vegan – Allyson Kramer

Vegan Chocolate Bread

Who: Allyson lives in Philadelphia, where she is studying for her Masters in Nutrition and Registered Dietitian (RD) Certification. Her  bestselling cookbook recipes have been featured on The Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine and Vegnews to name a few.

Why: If you love gluten free or soy free vegan sweets and treats you have to have a look at Allyson’s recipes. From Mouthwatering desserts to DIY sauce recipes, these recipes may be free from but certainly keep all the tasty elements!

Visit at: http://www.allysonkramer.com/ Photo – ‘Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread’ via Allyson Kramer


 Chocolate Covered Katie 

Mocha Cake

Who:  You can guess from the title that Katie loves chocolate but she creates very healthy recipes on this blog. Her blog is so popular with the public she has over 75,000 Facebook fans!

Why: So does everything on Katie’s blog feature chocolate? No, some of Katie’s recipes like her breakfast ones do not contain chocolate and are veganised as well. It’s all about healthy versions of your favorite treats whatever time of the day you eat them.

Visit Katie at: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/ Photo – ‘One Minute Mocha Cake’ via Chocolate Covered Katie

Lunch Box Bunch

vegan thanksgiving

Who: I’m sure this lady needs no introduction but she deserves one, Kathy is one of the top vegan food bloggers. She has built up her fan base by posting incredibly tasty and innovative vegan creations nearly every day, her recipes are so popular on Pinterest they get thousands of pins and repins on each post. She is the author of 365 Vegan Smoothies and she has created her own brand of T Shirts which read her mantra – Healthy, Happy, Life.

Why: Aside from everything mentioned above Kathy’s photographs of her food want to make you cook them the very moment you see them. Everything is vegan and you can find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, snacks, drinks, yeah you need to see this one for yourself.

Visit at: http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/ Photo – ‘Vegan Thanksgiving’ – Via Lunch Box Bunch.

Have Cake, Will Travel

Lemony French Cake

Who: Celine lives in California and went vegan for ethical reasons in 2005, claiming it’s the best decision she’s ever made. She has co authored several vegan cookbooks including 500 Vegan recipes, Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites and Vegan Sandwiches save the Day to name a few.

Why: All the recipes are vegan and cover every meal time from breakfast to evening snacks. You can find yummy recipes such as ‘Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes’ and unique sweets like the ‘Chocolate Tahini Teacake‘. We love the rustic charm of the photographs.

Visit at:  http://havecakewilltravel.com/ Photo – Lemony French Cake Via Have Cake Will Travel

The Backyard Lemon Tree


Who: Elizabeth lives in Sydney with her partner and nine year old son. The name of her blog comes from the fact that she never has to go and buy lemons as she has an amazing lemon tree in her backyard!

Why: This is all about honest home cooked food. There is a whole lot of vegan  recipes on the blog as well. My favorite recipe is  the ‘Vegetable Cobbler and Polenta Scones‘, it’s hearty and it’ll bring you comfort on a winter’s day.

Visit at: http://thebackyardlemontree.com/ Photo via The Backyard Lemon Tree

My Kind of Life

Vegan Smoked Salmon Bagel

Who: Vegan model Emily decided to leave her 9-5 job and go into modelling but she had a passion for travel, animals and fashion. She now shares her cruelty free journey and adventures on her blog.

Why: This blog has it all, vegan food, fashion, make up and a gorgeous vegan dream wedding! There are give-a-ways , restaurant reviews and tips on choosing the most ethical cosmetics, it has a fun girly element but then you have the food and nutrition section which is far from dainty!

Visit at: http://www.mykindoflife.com/Photo – The Model Bagel Via My Kind of Life

Vegan Yack Attack 

Tempeh Sandwich

Who: Vegan blogger Jackie has made the transition to living kindly through her curiosity of food and sustainable lifestyle. She loves to cook and shares her tips and tricks with us through her Vegan Yack Attack.

Why: There are so much flavour combinations going on in the recipes, from the ‘Vanilla Fig Cake’ to ‘Grilled Buffalo Tempeh Mozzarella Sandwich’, the food is creative and tempting enough to want to make immediately.

Visit at: http://veganyackattack.com


Spicy Tofu Salad

Who: This globe trotting couple go by the names of Rika and Doni. Rika is a photographer and passionate vegan and her partner Doni is also travel photographer but has a passion for journalism as well. When they are not at home in Oregon, they are travelling from city to city in search of good food and photographic moments.

Why: Apart from the stunning food photography we love that Rika’s recipes have a Asian focus as people are forever trying to replicate tofu recipes found in Asian restaurants and we can find the most flavorful recipes right here. Rika and Doni also review eateries, hotels and airline dishes from around the world.

Visit at: http://veganmiam.com Photo – Lap Tao Hoo (Spicy Minced Tofu Salad)

Oh She Glows

Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding

Who: Vegan foodie Angela takes us on a journey of having a healthy relationship with food, she has created over 400 creative and amazingly nutritious recipes and is now working on her first cookbook which is due out in March 2014.

Why: Did we mention the creativity that goes into the recipes – there is the ‘perfect for thanksgiving’ ‘Lentil Walnut Mushrooms Balls with Cranberry Sauce’ and the ‘Maple Butternut Squash & Apple Casserole’ oh and the yummy desserts like ‘Strawberry Lime Granita’ and ‘Cardamom Almond Pear Crisp’.

Visit at: http://ohsheglows.com Photo – Sinless Sticky Toffee Pecan Pudding via Oh She Glows

Vegetarian Ventures 

coriander hummus

Who: College graduate Shelley uses cooking as a creative outlet mixed with awe dropping photography, she has created a blog which is a treasure trove of flavorful and vibrant recipes.

Why: From the earthy Coriander Hummus to the scrumptious thanksgiving dish – Caramelized Cranberry and Brie Pull Apart Bread to the get ready for breakfast Vanilla Bean and Espresso Granola, Shelley definitely inspires with her creative vegetarian and vegan mouthwatering dishes!

Visit at http://www.vegetarianventures.com/ Photo – Coriander Hummus via Vegetarian Ventures

La Dolce Pita 

Tempeh BBQ sandwich

Who: Vegan chef and freelance writer Lauren quit Wall Street to enroll into Culinary school (a lady after my own heart!) She studied at  the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts. She also runs the blog La Dolce Pita.

Why: From culinary design to ‘Pinteresting’ How to’s, this blog is filled with everyday inspiration on life and food. Browse through warm recipes like Butternut Squash Portobello and Spinach Casserole with Vegan Sausage and easy on the eye desserts like Triple Chocolate Expresso Brownies (Hello!!!). You won’t be short of dinner party recipes here.

Visit at: http://www.ladolcepita.com Photo –  BBQ Tempeh Sandwiches with Chipotle Slaw

Vegan Yumminess 

Who: Lindsay is a


The Vegan Stoner 


Who: Sarah Conrique and Graham I. Haynes are the illustrative genius’ behind The Vegan Stoner. They recently released the Vegan Stoner cookbook which features 100 of their fun, cheap and easy to make recipes. It’s a treat for young vegans and adults alike.

Why: Besides the food being mouthwatering-ly gorgeous, no doubt about it, we love the  illustrative thought that has gone into this blog. It’s different, innovative and visually appealing.  The food is  wholesome, all vegan and includes  a few surprisingly interesting flavour combinations such as the Tofu Watermelon Curry, whaaaa!!! One to try!

Visit at: http://theveganstoner.blogspot.co.uk/ Photo via The Vegan Stoner

Vegan Richa 

HoppingJohn Deep Dish Pizza - crackers 099

Who: Richa lives in Seattle with her husband and dog Chewie (who has his own Facebook Page). Richa is a passionate vegan and she is also a foster parent for a dog rescue organisation.

Why: Richa’s recipes are created from all  types of cuisines from her native Indian to Italian to Asian, European and American! Holy moly, look at this deep pan tofu and black eye bean pizza!  Due to her organic health viewpoint, she creates baked recipes without the use of too much sugar and fat.

Visit at: http://www.veganricha.com/ Photo via Vegan Richa