UK’s Best Food Festivals for Foodies

When it comes to food, Britain is a country full of foodies and epicure, many of which have actually dedicated their lives to either cooking or eating. No wonder we have hundreds of food festivals and similar events all year round. Some of these events have actually become so popular that they attract thousands of people from across UK, as well as from other parts of the world. Some of them are annual affairs while others may just be a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness.

So, if 2015 is the year you have chosen for your food filled saga across UK, let us help you streamline your list of destinations. Here are four of the most anticipated UK food festivals you should definitely be a part of.


Destination: London, Bristol, Manchester

When: May, July, September

Grillstock started 6 year ago as a meat and music festival that could give you an American food festival experience in UK. Now it has become a BBQ festival that can easily beat most BBQ festivals in America. It’s a two day affair that now attracts more than 2500 victors, who can enjoy numerous musical performances, eating and drinking competitions, and camping with likeminded epicures.

Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival

Destination: The Cotswold

When: August

To be fair, Jamie Oliver is one major reason food lovers visit UK. He initiated the The Big Feastival in 2011. It is one of the festivals that can be equally enjoyed by all the members of the family, especially because kids under 12 can go for free. They even have a ‘Little Dude’s Den’ where kids can enjoy fun and games while you can enjoy your favourite musician or chef do what they do best. Overall, it is a learning experience that must not be missed.




The Great Cornish Food Festival

Destination: Truro

When: September

The Great Cornish Food Festival is the 2015 makeover of the Cornish Food and Drink Festival, annual affair since 2004. It’s a three days of everything you love about Cornwall or will fall in love with. The event has a lot to offer including top chefs, musicians, competitions, and most importantly an Award show to honour some of the prominent names in Cornwall food and restaurant industry. For food connoisseurs looking for a truly English experience, Truro is the place to be this autumn.

Fiery Foods UK Chilli Festival

Destination: Brighton

When: September

For anyone who thinks Europeans can’t take the heat, Fiery Foods UK is a must visit event. An annual event for years, the popularity of FFUK is only rising. With lots of chilli eating competitions and hottest BBQs you will ever experience, the event is full of extremely hot and fast-paced fun. There is even a National Chilli Award for the hottest chilli product you can buy in UK.

There are plenty of other events and festivals, but make sure these four are on your top priority list this year. You schedule your vacations in a manner that you are at the right place at the right time. Let the journey begin.