South End Food Festival

The South End Food Festival has been growing in popularity since it started three years ago, and brings an eclectic mix of street food stalls and Croydon’s finest eateries from the Restaurant Quarter together to bring the best food and drink to Greater London. With live music and entertainment to complement the dazzling array of food, the South End Food Festival is a great day out for all of the family.

About South End Food Festival

The South End Food Festival has been getting bigger and bigger in recent years, and is a much loved presentation of some of Croydon’s best places to eat and drink – bringing fantastic stalls to enjoy samples and more from cool and contemporary street food through to fine dining from some of Croydon’s Restaurant Quarter.

Amongst the stalls you’ll be able to enjoy demonstrations from talented chefs who will be sharing their insider secrets behind their delicious food and enjoy live music and entertainment acts from the open air live stage. A great chance to get together and celebrate the best that South End has to offer, this annual festival should form a key part of your summer calendar.

When is South End Food Festival?

The South End Food Festival will be held on Sunday 28th June, 2015.

Why Should I Take Part?

If you live in Croydon or anywhere else in the UK, the South End Food Festival is a must for you to visit.  Food lovers will be delighted by the huge range of food on offer, and if you’ve been before – you’ll be glad to hear that the festival is even bigger this year.

A relaxed, fun and welcoming event which will thrill children just as much as the adults, you can expect top class entertainment thanks to the live music and dance from the open air stage.  There will be plenty of other acts working their way through the crowds including face painting and more to keep the children entertained.  A great food festival in a great setting, you’ll certainly be glad that you went.

Where Can I Find Out More Information?

For more information about this year’s South End Food Festival, visit the Croydon Restaurant Quarter website which will have all of the details about the event:

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