We LOVE Hackney

We LOVE Hackney. We think it’s the most exciting borough in the greatest city in the world. It’s home to the Street Feast mothership Dalston Yard AND our brand new street food arena Dinerama, as well as loads of brilliant restaurants, bars, nightclubs and music venues.

Hackney’s reputation as a creative and vibrant place to live has brought businesses, jobs and investment to the borough. Thousands of us live here and have moved here because of the fantastic places to eat, drink and dance on our doorstep.

But the Hackney nightlife we love is at risk. Hackney Council is proposing a licensing policy which would prevent any new bar, club, music venue or hotel license being granted after 11pm Sunday to Thursday and after midnight on Friday and Saturday.

We’re supporting the We Love Hackney campaign to stop this happening.

We can only do something about this if the residents of Hackney and lovers of Hackney night-life make their voices heard. With your help, we can and will get the council to change their mind.

To support the campaign to save Hackney’s nightlife, and to be invited to our campaign launch party on Wednesday 22 July at Dinerama, please sign up here.

Keep up to date by following @WeLoveHackney and #NotConsideredAppropriate.


Let’s keep Hackney happening.

Sourced from Streetfeastlondon