Food and Wine News from the Oscars 2017

On Sunday 26th February, the Hollywood glitterati will gather for the 89th Oscar Award Ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in California.

This prestigious event will be broadcast throughout the world –  but what you will never see is inside the amazing post-event parties, in particular the famous Governors’ Ball. Chef Wolfgang Puck will once again be at the helm of this masterpiece of gastronomy, for the 23rd year in a row. The Dolby Theatre will be expecting 1500 guests including previous and current Oscar winners, nominees and and a mix of other Hollywood favourites.

Chef Puck announced his menu only a week ago, and it bears some similarities to previous years, with a few new twists. There will be, as usual, an array of finely sculptured and decorated platters of food, but the centrepiece that brings a ‘wow’ to the whole proceedings is undoubtedly the huge seafood and sushi bar. Glittering and sparkling on ice you can expect to see a few thousand oysters, Mahi-Mahi, Ahi Pokes (tuna), lobster and stone crab claws, all waiting to be devoured.


As Wolfgang says, ‘ I have to provide far more food than should be necessary – after all, these stars have been starving themselves for the last three days to make sure they fit into their designer clothes’ !

Wolfgang Puck2


Whilst there will also be Wagyu beef short ribs, gold-dusted truffle popcorn and at least 10 kg of the finest caviar, Wolfgang remembers the stars ‘favourites’ and always accommodates them. For Clint  Eastwood, it’s chicken pot pie, for John Travolta it’s the all-American Mac ‘n Cheese, whilst Charlize Theron has a penchant for pizza – with smoked salmon on it! Whilst the party is glamorous, the event is intended to be casual, but full of the luxury of the red carpet. Korean Steak Tartare or lobster corndogs anyone? Here at TryMyKitchen, we would kill for a doggie bag!

The dining principle is one from the current trend of small plates – and lots of them, to encourage the stars to move and mingle after sitting down through the very lengthy award ceremony. They will need to stretch their legs if they hit the dessert section, which includes a mountainous dome of Oreo Cookies dessert and made-to-order lava cakes – are you feeling satiated yet?

Champagne is provided by Piper Heidseck (part of a three-year contract) and some of the wines from the legendary Francis Ford Coppola’s own vineyard – it is anticipated that over 22,000 glasses will be consumed, so we are pleased not to be doing the washing up!

The crowning glory at the end are mini chocolate Oscar statuettes, delicately presented in a gold foil wrap, a real ‘piece de resistance’.

Running parallel for the first time is an event that Wolfgang has designed at his restaurant, ‘Cut at 45 Park Lane’, London.

Anyone have any spare tickets?…..