What to Eat During the month of March

seasonal eating - march

To culinary newbies this may sound bizarre, but to foodies, you know that the best meal depends on its season. Much produce disappears from the market in some seasons, so it’s important to plan accordingly. It would be a difficult realization if you’d planned for pomegranates out of harvest, especially if you’d built up an urgent taste for them! Well, moving on—welcome to March, otherwise known as the end of winter!

Almost. Winter will go on a bit more, but before long the flowers will bloom, and spring will have arrived. It’s the best time of year for our taste buds, as a few items that were expensive for the importing will suddenly be available once more in abundance. The first thing on our list will be carrots.

CarrotsImage Credit: Huber.edith

The second item on the list is potatoes. If you’re a meat eater, you’ll be happy to find shallots in market once more—you’d been missing those on your steaks, haven’t you? For vegetarians, March is a wonderful time of year because you find the shelves packed with things like cauliflower, kale, passion fruit, rhubarb and leeks. Parsnips are also coming back into season, and speaking of pomegranates, so are they!


Image Credit: Le Living and Co

In the United States, it’s no wonder that March is National Nutrition Month. Hopefully the chips and burritos will be overlooked for some healthy broccoli, kohlrabi or artichoke. There’s nothing quite like lightly salted, buttered artichoke hearts. March is also the month to expect regular shipments of pineapple, lemons, oranges and bananas (mostly always available but now cheaper!).

Mauro CatebImage Credit: Mauro Cateb

So now that you have all of these new or re-stocked ingredients, what kinds of things are you going to make? March brings a heck of a lot of seafood to market, so why not combine all your newfound produce with things like oysters, scallops and sole? You’ll find shrimp, hake, mackerel and mussels all sharing space on the ice, ready to be bought and appreciated. March is the month to make fish stew, to steam open the mussels and slurp down salted oysters and feel French about it.

485112912_05c1ae9e3e_zImage Credit: Pointnshoot

In March, another meat that you’ll find to eat is turkey, hare and fowl. The oven can finally be used for cooking instead of as a back-up heater. Why not bake up a whole breast with a bit of beetroot and vinegar? Cabbage is back too, so you can begin anew learning those Chinese recipes you’d been keen on before the snows.

beetrootImage Credit: Peter Grima

Finally, those tastiest of onion are being harvested, and their name praises the change of seasons: spring onions. March is essentially the beginning of the year for a foodie. With all this new fresh produce, you’ll be able to tackle Thai salads again, whip up coleslaw with cabbage and carrot, and make a ridiculously large and cheap batch of garlic mashed potatoes.

potatoImage Credit: Iamrenny

So there is it: everything that you should eat in March. The themes of this article definitely revolve around the fact that spring is back, so take the cue and spring to!