Dishes that will Help Win Someone’s Heart

Context is everything, and if love isn’t contextualized in some tasty surrounds, then it can’t possibly reach its potential. We tend to equate romance with romantic meals at romantic venues, so why not explore some of the actual food that can very well be the clincher when after the heart? What’s more, sometimes the food in question has more to do with the chemical effect it has on us. So let’s review some dishes that not only seem to go hand and hand with romance, but which are rightly called aphrodisiacs.


Black Oysters

If you’re planning on taking your significant other to a French restaurant, then be sure to order a starter or side dish of oysters. It might be the fact that oysters are natural aphrodisiacs, but we like to believe that it’s the combination of a beautiful shellfish aroma with our expectations of a fancy French boutique restaurant that makes this dish particularly good for winning hearts.


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Everything about sushi is romantic. Sushi takes a lot of time to prepare, and perhaps that’s the reason it comes packed with so much good energy. Aside from its smart preparation and perfectionist presentation, maybe the fact that sushi ingredients come stocked with aphrodisiac chemicals has something to say for its being included in this list. Kelp and fatty fish, ginger, wasabi and even the soy sauce all have something to help boost the libido, which we of course cannot deny in this discourse of love.

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Pesto Pasta

There’s no denying the cliché of The Lady and The Tramp, when our two hero dogs are eating spaghetti and meatballs and inadvertently take up the same noodle strand, bringing their lips to bear. A candlelit dinner table with glasses of wine and dishes of pesto is just as good. Italian is romantic, that’s that.

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Garlic-Rosemary Steak

Rosemary’s woody aroma is a perfect flavor to scent while star-gazing in the irises of your crush. Sizzling, well-cooked and succulent thin slabs of meat somehow take the moment and absorb its heartfelt ambiance; then you consume it and the taste brings you down to earth, and plops you stripped of pretensions, a witness before your date. Whoa!

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A classic French Mediterranean dish known throughout the region, Bouillabaisse combines a whole variety of local fish, vegetables and mussels into one delicious stew. Seafood seems like a very safe bet when it comes to trying to win someone’s heart with a meal, and not least among the reasons is the fact that fish contains the Omega 3 compound that stimulates the sex drive.

The latter dish is especially nice because it will most likely require you to share with your date. Desserts are necessary if you want him or her to fall for you, because a date always needs that final icing on the cake.

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