Cookery Gift Experiences: From Unusual to the Ultimate!

When you take a moment and think back to some of the most memorable gifts that you have personally received in the past, it can be guaranteed that some of the most everlasting memories came from the gifts that were an experience rather than something physical that could be put aside later.  A memory of an experience lasts a lifetime, especially the unique and ultimate experiences that have a special place engraved in our minds as being fascinating.

In the following sections, we will uncover the ultimate in cookery gift experiences that can satisfy the hunger for both food and excitement in your life as well as the lives of your guests.  From hiring a private chef in your own home to tapping into the flavour of beer with a Beer Brewing Master Class, we will take a closer look at a broad spectrum of experiences that are sure to match your personal hunger.

Vittoria’s Secret Pasta Making Class on a Boat Ride from Camden

Some of the most spectacular and exquisitely prepared dishes to be tasted come from a traditional recipe handed down from generation to generation, and often notably so in an Italian household.  In the experience with Vittoria, a renowned cookery tutor, you will take in much more than incredible tasting ravioli made from a multiple-generations-old recipe that has been passed down from her grandmother.  Rather than taking a culinary course in a traditional cooking classroom, this pasta making class is hosted on the Floating Showroom, a gracious boat that will take you along the Regent’s canal for the 3 to 5 hour journey.

Pasta Making Class

The class has been designed for beginner-level culinary-inspired individuals and is a great experience for couples, families, groups and singles looking to engage with others and have a great time.  During the course, you will be able to enjoy a glass of wine while learning how to make very special ravioli and additional pasta options, cooking from the heart, and building bonds with others on the journey with you.

At the end of the day’s journey on the Floating Showroom, you will have learned how to knead dough correctly and design the perfect pasta that you will then be able to enjoy as a part of lunch at the end of the tour.  With the class coming in at an exceptionally reasonable rate of only £35, this culinary journey on the Regent’s Canal is a great experience to be introduced to new flavours as well as new people to socialise with, and who says you can’t have it all?

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Molecular Gastronomy Experience

Culinary experiences that are the most unique and memorable are those that transform food into a work of art, combining elements of science and culinary artistry that build together for the ultimate taste and everlasting memory.  In this experience of Molecular Cooking, participants will be engaged in a full day of learning the ins and outs of Molecular Gastronomy with one of the world’s most renowned food authors and chefs, Jozef Youssef.

A perfect gift for those looking to build an experience for the science and mathematics lovers, the Molecular Gastronomy day will provide the principles of molecular cooking to beginners while creating a foundation for specialised techniques developed specifically for molecular gastronomy including spherification, hot gels, foams, mousses, and much more.

Molecular Gastronomy Class


Have you ever thought to yourself that you wish an experience can continue into the future, being able to share and enrich your life for moments to come?  In the Molecular Gastronomy Experience, participants will also receive a personal Molecule-Revolution Kit that will allow for the ability to continue the experience at home.  The incomparable experience received from Chef Youssef comes at an extraordinary value of only £140 and is great for both couples and singles, alike.

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Full Day of Nordic Fish Curing and Smoking

If you are looking for an experience that will bond you with traditions of a rich heritage as well as provide exquisite flavour and practical technique that can be applied to your abilities into the future, then look no further than a full day of Nordic Fish Curing and Smoking with Gunnar Lieungh.  Gunnar Lieungh, born of Norwegian descent, has the salt of the sea running through his veins and has been able to develop a true craftsmanship to his culinary perspective on fish.

Nordic Fish Curing And Smoking Class

In this value-enriched experience at only £150 an individual will have a 7 ½ Hour course that sails through the process of curing and smoking fish, practical knife and fillet skills, mastering equipment needed in the various processes and even gain access to a smokehouse tour where sampling of the finest smoked salmon will take place.  Engage all of the senses with this experience of Nordic fish curing and smoking and get ready to brag about it for a lifetime.

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Hire a Private Chef

Sometimes the most intimate of experiences are not experienced in distant places, but rather, are enriched in your personal home.  In this experience option, you have the ability to hire a private chef, but not just any private chef- you get the distinct opportunity to learn and build a culinary experience with Laurynas Pausa, a UK-renowned personal chef that provides a high level of expertise with every participant.


Private Chef

There are multiple options available with Laurynas, from a healthy eating cooking class where the primary focus will be on healthy foods and learning to prepare foods in a healthy manner that still maintain a supreme level of taste satisfaction, to a Moroccan cooking class in the comfort of your own home where exotic dishes such as Chicken Tagine with Couscous will come alive with unique preparation techniques and bold flavours that will liven up the most intriguing taste buds.

For those looking to host in their own home with guests or create a romantic experience for two, home cooking classes starting at an incredibly reasonable price of £90 for 2 participants comes to life with Laurynas Pausa.  Sign up early and reserve your personal experience!

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Chinese Pancake and Dumpling Making Masterclass

Have you, or someone you know, been dreaming about being able to impress guests and family members with mastery-level culinary technique?  In this jaw dropping masterclass, designed for beginner level cuisine-inspired individuals, participants learn how to make traditional Chinese pancakes and dumplings that will make taste buds dance off the tongue.

Chinese Pancake and Dumpling Making Masterclass


Taking traditional Chinese recipes to a new personalized level, the masterclass provides an exciting and welcoming environment that provides a fun and unforgettable experience for only £35.  If you are looking for an experience that provides a full range of technique mastery within time-saving 2 hour class duration, then look no further than working with the Yan Ping Mew Cookery and learning to make tasty Chinese Pancakes and Dumplings.

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The Sunday Brunch Club

Why end the party at night?  The Sunday Brunch Club experience will keep the party atmosphere moving into the Sunday morning brunch where you will be served the most outstanding Bloody Mary ever poured and you will also be served a healthy dose of brunch skills.  Participants of the Sunday Brunch Club experience will gain valuable skills in the kitchen in a relaxed atmosphere that engages the senses by providing hands-on cooking through delectable dishes ranging from classic Eggs Benedict to Kedgeree.


Sunday Brunch Club Class


The atmosphere created at The Avenue Cookery School will build on skill sets for participants of all ages and of all previous knowledge based in the culinary world.  Participants are encouraged to bring an appetite for fun, excitement and Brunch knowledge in this club where the experience comes full circle for only £38!

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Beer Brewing Masterclass

Bottoms up in this experience!  Exceptional option for the beer lover or home brewer that you know in your life, or even grab a voucher for an unforgettable experience of your own where you will become a brewing master for a day.  Even for those that have had minimal experience with beer in the past will come away from this experience smiling from ear to ear after spending the day with Josh and Simon at the Home Brew Depot.

Beer Brewing Masterclass


Josh and Simon share their love for home brewing and beer with the #homebrewhero attitude and bring participants of this experience into their “family” of brewers where each participant will walk away knowing how to make beer from scratch.  The all-grain brewing school walks participants through the brewing process with a master brewer, helping to explain all of the nuances of equipment and ingredients necessary to make incredible tasting beer.

What is a beer tour without the samples?  After this experience, participants will have been able to sample a tremendous variety of beers, but this experience goes beyond handing out a glass and saying “Bottoms Up!”  The master brewer will walk each participant through the samplings, helping to explain the unique styles, flavours and origins of each beer brewed and will be complemented with an award winning burger at the end of the day.  Say “Cheers” and say “Yes” to this experience for £65!

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The Ultimate Cookery Gift for a Foodie

Some experiences need to be taken up a notch for the Foodie in your life.  Foodies have already mastered the basics and are looking for something extraordinary to help make the most of their culinary experience and that is where the following options come into focus.

Michelin Chef Dinner Party

The first option most suitable for the biggest foodie is a personalized 3 course dinner preparation and cooking class that takes place in your own home or business with a renowned Michelin Chef that has worked alongside Gordon Ramsay.  By bringing all of the ingredients and equipment to you, the complexity of taste is made simpler in process with Old Town Cooks that aim to tailor specific dishes and skills to the aspirations of the participants.  Menus are personalized and discussed with participants and will include the highest in quality ingredients that are available based on the season of year.

Michelin Chef Dinner Party


For £250 per participant, four hours will include gaining insight into Michelin-level mastery with a 3-course meal prepared in the comfort of their own home or at a place of their choosing, such as a business setting.  For a hands-on foodie, this is one not to pass up.

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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Depending on the level of culinary-expertise for the foodie in your life, there is an experience that has been specifically designed to make the best possible course for the occasion.  From a beginner level course that runs through the skills and overview necessary to have confidence in the kitchen and learning an overview of a complex variety of foods and techniques, to an advanced three-week course that brings in a world of culinary flavours from countries such as India where participants take a “Food Walk” that builds on previous skills developed, either personally or in other courses and experiences taken.

Advanced Course


Each course is specifically designed for the comfort level and experience that participants maintain and will help you to make the best personalized decision for the foodie in your life that you are looking to impress with the culinary gift of their dreams.  Take a look today and see which option matches your foodie.

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