Thai Cooking Classes in London

Thai Cooking Class at Jenius Social

Thai Cooking Class at Jenius Social

Authentic Thai Cooking with Jenius Social

You’ll tackle how best to cook using a pestle & mortar and the all-important wok, as well as sharpening your knife skills and mastering how to prepare ahead. Then using local produce and authentic Thai ingredients, it’s down to the task of creating our tempting Thai dishes.


  • Use Of A Pestle And Mortar
  • Cooking with Woks
  • Make a green curry paste from scratch
  • How to prepare ahead and store the ingredients/cooked dishes
  • How to fold a spring roll authentically
  • Knife skills


  • Spring Rolls Thai style
  • Thai Fishcakes
  • Green Chicken Curry

Studio 8, The Islington Studios

6 Hornsey Street, Islington, London, N7 8GR

Tel. 020 3750 2478

Lapan Cooking

If you like small and intimate, these cooking classes should be just right for you. With a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants, you can be sure you’ll get the guidance and attention you need. The lovely Fran who gently guides you through the class may not be what you expect from a Thai cook (she’s half Italian, half Belgian), but she really knows her stuff, and will have you confidently cooking Thai food at home before you know it.

Fran fits a lot into the 3 hour class, including how to use your knives properly – there’s a lot of chopping involved in Asian cooking, so it’s a good idea to get that right. She explains how to get the right balance of flavours so that your food tastes authentic – many of her class members have travelled in Thailand and are keen to recreate the tastes they remember so fondly. She will also go through the popular ingredients, and even gives information on the best places to get these around your area, so you won’t have any excuse not to try out your new skills at home! Not that you’ll want an excuse.

While all this learning is going on, you’ll be cooking too. Each participant has their own cooker, so you can all cook along with Fran at the same time, following her step by step instructions to turn out a meal you can marvel at.

One piece of advice – if you want to decide which menu you’ll cook, book your class early! The first person to book each class gets to choose the menu from a list of possibilities. If you’re not quick enough though, don’t panic; every menu is delicious authentic Thai food.

15 Malmesbury Rd London E18 2NL

07985 234 956

The School of Wok

This is an award winning school – and that’s not just awards for having the best name for an Asian cooking school! SOW has had a presence in Covent Garden since 2012, but the founder Jeremy Pang has been in kitchens all his life – his parents and grandparents all worked in kitchens too, so Jeremy has spent his life immersed in Asian cooking.

Jeremy and his assistants lead classes of 8-10 with enthusiasm and skill. It’s not just about cooking one meal, it’s about skills to take home to your own kitchen. The two main tools of Thai cooking are the cleaver for chopping, and the pestle and mortar for grinding and making authentic pastes, and by the end of a class you’ll be handling both of these like a pro. As you can imagine, this isn’t just about the end result – during the preparation and cooking every sense will be stimulated, not just your taste buds!

There are two choices of classes, the introductory class which runs for 3 hours,or the whole day class. Whichever you take you’ll get an in-depth look at Thai food, its history and background, and just how to prepare that perfect Thai curry paste that will transform your cooking at home. You’ll also make an amazing meal, and best of all you’ll get to eat it – a great finalé to a great class.

61 Chandos Place London WC2N 4HG

Call: 0207 2408818

Lamai Thai Cookery School

If you’re one of those people who want to learn Thai cookery to recreate tastes from a past trip, you’ll be able to do that here with the Introduction to Street Food course, recreating authentic dishes like street noodles and spicy beef salad. If the closest you’ve been to Thai food is the local takeaway, you can learn to cook these meals too, at the Introduction to Thai Cooking class. Whichever of these classes (or others) you take you can be sure what you’re learning to cook is the “real deal”, as classes are taken by Chaisaeng, who mastered her skills under her mother’s experienced tutelage in the family’s Bangkok restaurant.

A unique aspect of some of Lamai’s classes is an emphasis on health and nutrition, not surprising as Chaisaeng is studying a Masters in the subject. It means that as well as learning to cook the authentic way, you can incorporate these dishes into a healthy eating plan too – which has to be a win-win situation!

Highgate Rd London NW5 1RL

Call: 07973 20930243 or 020 208347 208457


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