Sushi Cookery Classes in London

Nari and Yoshie’s Sushi School

Nari and Yoshie’s sushi classes in Woodside Park (close to Woodside tube station) are personal affairs, with one-to-one tuition in their private kitchen. In fact, if you’re there alone there will be two of them and one of you! If you’d like to learn your sushi skills along with friends or family members, they offer their private classes for groups of up to 4. Both Nari and Yoshi have been involved in sushi making for over 25 years, and as they offer training courses for chefs throughout Europe, you know you are learning top quality skills from them. A course runs from 21/2 to 3 hours, and at the end of it you’ll have a beautiful platter of sushi to take away, and the skills you’ve gained through the individualised tuition. The course price also includes a set of sushi making foods and written notes to remind you of the skills you’ve learned. They even give you links to a video course, which takes you through all the skills you learned in your class, to make sure you can replicate your original pieces.

Woodside Park, London, N12

Tel: 044-2084457227


Sozai Cooking School

As the first Japanese cookery school in the UK, Sozai offers classes for all levels of budding sushi makers in a pristine, no nonsense kitchen well suited to the almost surgical skills needed for good sushi preparation. Classes are two hours long, include refreshments (including sake, presumably after the majority of the delicate cutting work is done) and result in a lovely platter of scrumptious sushi to take home and show off. At only £75 per class they book up quickly. The classes are fun and informal, and give you a chance to learn your new skill set alongside other enthusiastic amateurs.

5 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7AA

Tel: 020 7458 4567

JC Sushi Academy, Soho

A sushi making class with the Academy gives you the chance to learn your skills under the expert eye of Kinu Yukawa, who learned her own skills from her grandmother and then honed these skills and expanded them through her training with masters in Kyoto and Tokyo. Classes take place in a private room in the lower half of the Shoryu Japanese restaurant, just off Shaftesbury Avenue in Soho, and the beautiful Japanese inspired surroundings should provide you with your own inspiration. Classes are available for all levels, whether you have a casual interest or want to develop professional skills to expand career opportunities. A bonus of the classes is that you’re welcome to “hang out” after the classes and enjoy the environment – incidentally the Shoryu restaurant is also renowned for its excellent selection of Japanese alcohol. When you leave don’t forget to take your box of carefully crafted sushi with you!

Shoryu Soho, 3 Denman Street W1D 7HA

London Cookery School

If your experience of sushi up till now has been eating it rather then cooking it, the class offered here is ideal for you as a beginner to get the basic terminology and skills. The half day class takes you through all the major cutting and rolling techniques, and by the end, although you may not be a master sushi maker, you’ll definitely have enough skill to impress your friends. Once you’ve cut, rolled and assembled all your supplied ingredients, at the end of your class you’ll get to sit down with your class mates and eat your handiwork – although with 30 to 40 pieces of sushi made you might need to take advantage of the boxes they supply to take some home too!

VEKU, 339 Caledonian Road, London, N1 1DW

Your Sushi

Unusual in offering courses and classes in a variety of venues throughout the UK, Your Sushi classes in London are available at the Tsuru Japanese restaurant in Mansion House. The beginners class is a full-on, jump in and get your hands dirty, hour of cutting and rolling. The end result is a lovely selection of sushi rolls to take home in your own bento box and show off (or enjoy) to your friends and family. The £49 cost also includes a selection of goodies to get your home sushi making started – ginger, wasabi, and chopsticks should all help you recreate your own masterpieces with your new skills. As well as the beginners class there are master classes for those with experience or who want a more in depth experience. The course runs for 3 to 4 hours, and by the end you’ll have two full bento boxes, and maybe some new friends!

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