Dim Sum Cooking Classes in London


London Cookery School

A half day class based at VEKU on Caledonian Road, you’ll get the chance to learn to make a lovely mix of dumplings in a sociable setting, and then you’ll get the chance to eat them! As well as learning the basic cooking skills such as rolling, folding and cooking your dim sum parcels, you’ll also learn the etiquette surrounding dim sum – how to order them, how to eat them, and how to make sure you eat them in the right order. So you won’t just impress your friends later when you show off your new skills; you’ll impress your waiter next time you’re out in a Chinese restaurant – and we all know how difficult that is to do! Of course no dim sum is complete without the right tea to accompany it, and you’ll learn about that too during your three hours. Don’t worry about not remembering everything – you’ll get course notes so you can practice and perfect your techniques at home. At only £35 this course books up quickly.

London Cookery Schhol , 339 Caledonian Road, London, N1 1DW

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Dim Sum

School of Wok

This award winning cookery school aims its classes across the board, and its dim sum classes are no exception. If you’re new to dim sum cooking, or even to cooking in general, there’s a three hour class that will give you the basic skills to turn out quality dim sum at home – bearing in mind there are 2000 different types you might not get around to doing them all though! On the other hand, if your intention is to immerse yourself in dim sum cooking, there’s a five day intensive course run by the associated Oriental Culinary Institute that will teach you how to produce dim sum fit for a fine restaurant – so you can expand your skills and your CV. Whichever level of class you take, you’ll find them sociable, with up to 12 people. With a chef (possibly James Pang, the founder of the School and a passionate teacher) and assistant chef at each class though, there will be plenty of support if you need it as you work through all the skills and techniques.

School of Wok, 61 Chandos Pl, London WC2N

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Ping Pong

With a chain of restaurants across the capital, Ping Pong offers a dim sum making masterclass that’s as much about the meal as the learning, so it’s an ideal social occasion for you and your friends or colleagues. During the two hour session, which takes place in one of the restaurants and begins with a glass of wine or a cocktail, you’ll get to know the basic skills needed for producing a small selection of dim sum – there’s even a prize for whoever produces the best looking basket of dim sum. This course differs from others in that the meal consists of not only your own dim sum, but a complete set menu accompanied by one of Ping Pong’s signature cocktails – all of which turns this into an occasion rather than  a class.



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Well known for its patisserie and macarons, Supercute also offers classes in dim sum making for beginners. Taught by the lovely Loretta, you’ll find out how to make the dough, and roll and fold a selection of dim sum. In the two hour class, you’ll find out how to source the best ingredients, and it won’t involve a long traipse to the nearest Chinese supermarket – your local store will stock most of the ingredients you need to make the dishes at home. Loretta also offers the chance to prepare vegetarian and even vegan dim sum – contact them first to let them know. The two hour class costs £40, but check online as coupons and special offers frequently appear.

49 Brixton Station Road, London, SW9 8PQ

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