Corporate Cooking Classes for Team Building

Many companies use both indoor and outdoor events for team building purposes. Whilst the emphasis of this is on fun, the underlying message for these kind of events is one of strengthening both management and junior staff team skills and bonding of both ends of the corporate pyramid.

This is where corporate cooking classes triumph in the marketplace, and cater for all levels of skill. No huge amounts of strength needed, no sharp analytical minds, just pure fun and sense of humour as you work your way through making whatever the challenge is from the recipes provided.

At TryMyKitchen, we have chosen a small selection of the corporate cooking classes available that we think you will enjoy. We can also arrange bespoke cooking events to fit your particular needs. The contact form can be found here on our website.

Corporate Cooking Class Bookings

Cocktail Classes

The beauty of these classes is that they will come to you, at your office location. This gives you the opportunity to hold a class like this straight after work and provide some nibbles, canapés or finger food to go with the alcohol! So if there are any budding mixologists in the office, or someone who really fancies themselves as Tom Cruise, this is a great event for you.

Cocktail Making Class

A top class mixologist will guide you through the complexities of cocktail making (it is not just about throwing it all in a shaker and hoping for the best!), and the various techniques used. Which ingredients go together and which should definitely never be seen in the same glass! You can enjoy three cocktails during the process, and also design your own one. All equipment is provided with mobile bar along with all the various drinks needed to make terrific concoctions! The event costs £850 for a group of 10, so learn the tricks of the trade and impress your friends at your own party with your knowledge and newly-learnt skills.

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Beer Brewing

If your ‘home from home’ place is propping up the bar with a pint, you will enjoy this class showing you the aspects of home beer brewing.  Run by partners Josh and Simon of ‘Home Brew Depot’, classes can be found in one of their two London locations at Homerton or Hackney. Courses last 4 and a half hours, and at a cost of £65 per person, you cannot go wrong, particular as you take home a one-gallon demijohn of beer, ready to ferment in your secret place at home!

Brewing Class

All aspects of brewing including the processes are explained in detail and with humour, and all equipment and ingredients are supplied. Not only that, you get a quick lunch as well – nothing like a burger and a pint of beer! Josh and Simon are passionate about their ‘micro beer brewing’ and have set up a community of local small brewers, who frequently come along to show their ideas and processes. Over the course of the day, you will be able to taste a variety of beers at this all-grain brewing school.

This is not just a course for the boys – the girls will enjoy it too!

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Everyone enjoys baking, even if you think that you are useless at it, or that what comes out of the oven is always a disaster! Considering that quite a few of the winners of ‘The Great British Bake-Off’ were men, these classes are attended by groups of both men and women of all levels, and TryMyKitchen has given you a big selection of classes available throughout London, whether you are a small or large company, there will be a suitable venue for you. If you have large amounts of people, perhaps you could stage your own ‘bake-off’, with departments vying for the top spot and the winners of each heat, culminating in ‘The Great Company Bake-Off’ – now there’s a great team building idea!

Baking Class

Classes range from bread making to delicious French desserts, cupcakes (the fun being the decorating!), savoury tarts and pies, traditional and unusual sponge cakes – you name it, there will be a London-based class for you. Prices and duration of courses vary, so if you are interested, fill in our contact form at and we will sort out the appropriate course for your team building event.

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Chocolate Making Class

Want the ultimate chocolate experience? Have not just one sweet tooth in your office, but several or even more? Everyone loves chocolate (well most of us do) and there is nothing better than Choco Challenge, a course run in London by tip top chocolatiers. The first sight that greets you when you arrive is an array of sumptuous chocolates for you to try (don’t over-indulge, there will be plenty more coming through the course!)

Chocolate Making Class

ChocoChallenge is an ultimate experience for groups, as it combines creativity, team work and ingenuity while having fun and connecting with colleagues and fellow chocolate-lovers. The event comprises of chocolate tasting on arrival and a short introductory game. From then on, its hands on chocolate making with all techniques explained – prepare to get messy as you roll truffles (there is no real clean way of doing this!). You are then divided into groups to plan and execute a chocolate dessert!

The class lasts two hours – two hours of enjoyable decadence, and can be purchased for any day Monday-Saturday at a cost of £165 per person. Groups of 6 are ideal.

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Group Macaron Making Class

Hosted by Ganache Macaron, a beautiful macaron bakery located in Hackney, London you will learn the art of macaron making – not to be confused with macaroons! (Macarons are the delicate and tasty meringue based cookies, usually sandwiched together with a sweet and tasty filling, not the big and often misshapen coconut biscuits).

Macaron Class

The course is designed by Audrey, the founder of Ganache Macaron, and her partner Paul, who patiently and lovingly guide you through their delicate art. Being French, Audrey is of course a master at macaron making, and passes her experience and tips on to you, an experience that is second to none. Lasting two hours in a fun and vibrant environment, the two hour course culminates in you taking home your own box of macaron creations.

The cost per person is £80, but you walk away with the most delightful experience and your own creations. Judging by testimonials, this is another course not to be missed.

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