Cooking Experiences Are Perfect For Dating!

The first few dates with a new beau or belle can often be tricky. You want to impress, but you don’t want to seem too enthusiastic! Or maybe you have been together a while and progressing to the romance stage of doing everything together, including cooking. There is no better way to check out your new love than to do a cookery course – lots of fun, bonding over food etc etc – and you get dinner to boot, and often a drink to go with it! Sounds like a win-win situation to us, here at TryMyKitchen.

Whatever whets your appetite, we have recommendations from chocolate to pizza, cocktails to candies and coffee. If you have a sweet tooth, we also recommend our macaron making classes, a sure way to a foodies’ heart, or if your penchant is cocktails, check out the cocktail making course and create your own ‘loved up’ cocktail. This great balance of having food and fun will certainly cement your relationship and show that you think outside the box, and not just the ‘dinner and a movie’ syndrome. So get cracking, and enjoy our choices for that special date.

Chocolate Making Classes

Chocolate is the way to most people’s hearts and this fun course is no exception to the rule. You will need to go prepared – take an apron and a plastic food box to take home your goodies – sit on the sofa afterwards, watch a romantic DVD and feed each other the chocolates and truffles that you have made. Very romantic!

Chocolate Making Class

Nip over to Rotherhithe in south-east London and join one of Flammen and Citronen’s chocolate making courses, held in a delightful pub, The Blacksmiths Arms, which is also a great venue for food and drink. Courses are held Sunday to Saturday in the afternoons, so you could always fit one in on the weekends if weekdays are difficult. Learn the art of making sumptuous truffles and chocolates to die for (no licking the spoons and double-dipping!) and take home your own box of lovingly made truffles. Share this with a partner, create some romance and enjoy!

Cost is £29 per person and ideal for lovers, chocolate lovers and foodies.

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Cocktail Making Classes

Treat your date or Valentine to a cocktail making class and design your own cocktails with tender loving care!  Drake and Morgans new flagship bar and restaurant with state of the art facilities are your hosts for this 3 hour class, priced at £120 (includes all alcohol, mixers, fruit and herbs). Take advantage of the knowledge provided by top mixologists and take a journey through the history of cocktail making, ingredients, techniques and all the information you need to become as close to a professional as you can. Sharing this with your date or loved one is great fun – perhaps you can create a cocktail specifically for ‘him’ or ‘her’? Learn to mix and muddle (the art of muddling is highly popular) and produce delicious flavours and combinations of cocktails. Best to leave the car at home!

Cocktail Making Class


So if you fancy muddling mint for mojitos or any other combinations, you will enjoy this expertly run course.

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Coffee Making

The complexities of making really good coffee are well explained by the team at Doppios in Shoreditch, East London. Every tutor is an experienced ‘coffee maker’ so if you are a budding barista, this is the course for you to share with your loved one.

Do you know your espressos, macchiatos or any of the other exotic sounding names for coffee? Does the thought of looking at a super coffee machine fill you with technophobia about which button to press? Never fear, you will be expertly guided through the various mechanisms of coffee making machinery so that by the end of the course, you will feel like a tip top barista yourself. We bet you didn’t know that steaming milk correctly makes all the difference to a smooth cup of coffee? Find all this out and more on this class.

Coffee Making Class


Explore the wide range of coffee machines on offer, and sample the varieties of coffee (6 brands and 13 blends) currently available at the Doppio Coffee Warehouse, and even better, taste their super ideas for coffee with your partner. Great to wake up in the morning and rekindle the experience over that first cup.

The cost is £80 per person and is available Monday – Saturday.

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Pizza Making

Italians are a romantic nation as we know, even their language has a romantic lilt. Passionate about their food and drink, this is reflected in all their traditional dishes – even pizza!

Italians are great ones for ‘sharing’ (particularly food!) and what better than to enjoy a pizza making course with your partner – probably one of the most ideal dishes to share! Mouthwatering toppings are the aim of the game,and there is nothing like that lovely gooey cheese dribbling down your chin!

The aim of the course is to have fun, but to pick up tips on successful dough making and ‘spinning’, a technique that most find difficult to do without laughing!

Pizza Making Class


At Pizza Scuola (owned by Pontis in London W1 district), you are taught all the tips and tricks you need to know to make successful pizzas, which are then cooked in the woodstone oven ready for you to eat and enjoy (dinner is taken care of!) Choice of toppings is huge so you can be creative! Afterwards you can enjoy one of their fabulous ice creams, free of charge, to finish off your meal.If the weather is fine, you can enjoy your pizza and ice cream on the pretty terrace outside.

You will even be rewarded with a certificate for graduating in pizza making! So check out Pontis, the cost is £29 per person, with the courses being held in the evenings from Sundays to Thursdays.

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Candy Making Class

Have enormous fun with your date on this candy making class, run by Spun Candy in Shoreditch.  All the candy is handmade, and you will learn exactly the tricks of the trade in making delicious and sugary candy.

Whilst designed to be fun, the course is quite in depth and you learn all there is to know about candy making, including the science behind it.

Candy Making Class


After a welcome glass of Prosecco, frozen cocktail or a soft drink you will be treated to a demonstration of candy making second to none – it could be lollipops, or other confectionery, including how to decorate. You will witness the clever hands of the professionals as they spin, twist,roll or whatever technique is appropriate – it may look easy, but that is because they are experts! You will be able to test and taste as they go along, so make sure your teeth are up to trying all these delicious sweet treats.

Classes are available every day of the week and last one hour. Don’t forget to take your date via the shop on the way out to purchase some treats at a 10% discount – they will love you forever!

The course costs £50 per person and is well worth the experience, both visual and tasteworthy!

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Macaron Making Class

Love macarons? Want to become a master and impress your date? These delicious French ‘pop in the mouth’ meringue based treats are pure art form. Particularly useful if your date has a gluten allergy or is strictly vegetarian, they can still take part as macarons are gluten free and vegetarian friendly. Generally made in small round biscuits, sandwiched together with a variety of flavours, they also make excellent presents for loved ones when beautifully boxed.

Macaron Making Class


At the Avenue Cookery School you can learn the art of making delicious macarons, and all the different flavours, colours and textures that are available, along with preparation techniques and piping to form those perfect discs, before baking and sandwiching them together with tasty fillings.  The anticipation of eating them when ready simply grows and grows throughout this process, and you won’t find more expert tutors than the Avenue team.

Sample every flavour imaginable –pistachio, raspberry and cream, salted caramel, honeycomb ice cream, coconut – you name it, the selection is vast. And at the end you get to take home your samples and get free recipes to make you even more a ‘Master of the Macaron’!

This is probably one of the most ‘loving’ classes to take with your partner- delicious aromas and lipsmacking end results!

The cost is £75 per person, and as the course is run in the evening, you are treated to some goodies made by the Avenue team to stave off the hunger pangs and stop your mouth watering too much!

Macarons have often been described as ‘almond kisses’ – so share some with your partner for a little romance.

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Your cooking class can be the beginning of an exciting date ….followed by a couples Spa Massage and then dinner in a quirky London Restaurant.