Around the World with London Cooking Classes

Are you bored with cooking the same repertoire of dishes every week? Perhaps you lack confidence in making something out of your comfort zone, or that you think would be too difficult for your culinary skills. Never fear, TryMyKitchen brings you a wealth of cookery classes from all parts of the globe, all based in London, to improve your skills and tastebuds and at the same time, stop you from ‘knee jerking’ and simply going out for meals or getting takeaways, and allowing you to savour the delights of meals made by your own fair hands!

Vietnamese Cooking Class


These classes show you how to make European, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and South American dishes that you never dreamt you could do. With expert tutors, you are opened up to a world of culinary delights, that even the most basic beginner can handle with a little help from the professional teachers on each course. Let your inhibitions go, and gain confidence by booking one of these courses to expand the inner foodie which hides behind an ‘I cant possibly make’ façade!

TryMyKitchen has selected these round the world classes to help you on your way to culinary stardom!


Pizza and pasta making classes are a great way to start your journey through the traditional food of Italy, and to make relatively simple dishes for your friends and family that shine in the flavour stakes.

Pizza Making Class

Become a #PizzaScuolaGrad by attending this fun course either alone or with friends, and be able to hang up your certificate after you have completed your pizza making journey! Hosted by Ponti’s in Oxford Circus, you will proceed through the dough making process before making your choice of topping from a large array of meats, vegetables and cheeses. Taste what you have made, and follow it up with free ice cream as a dessert – not forgetting the glass of Prosecco also provided!

Have you ever ‘thrown’ pizza dough – its fun, and even funnier to see how many may end up either on the participants or on the floor – there is a great deal of hilarity involved, even though the skilled tutors will make you feel like a pizza making officianado.

Whilst going solo is not a problem, as everyone is so friendly, share your taste of Italy with a friend or a few friends. At only £29 per person and with classes conveniently held from Sunday to Thursday evenings, you can enjoy dinner as well, with your pizzas cooked in their superb wood-fired ovens. Get a group together, its fun and fabulous and will add another string to your culinary bow.

With so many varieties of pasta available (last count was around 350 different shapes, sizes and flavours), pasta making has become very popular in the UK, and where better to learn than one of the recommended TryMyKitchen venues.

Venturi’s Table Cookery Classes are held at the purpose built facility close to Wandsworth Station, catering for all levels of experience, from beginners to advance pasta makers. Holding classes up to 16 people, you can be sure of expert tutoring in a fun environment with lots of like-minded people, should you choose to go it alone.

Make your way through spinach raviolis, tagliatelle, angel hair pasta and expertly created sauces as accompaniments, before you gather round their central island to enjoy all the creations that you and your fellow attendees have made. Buy a drink or two of classic Italian drinks such as Limoncello or Prosecco to wash it all down with.

Classes cost £65 per person and it is a great way to spend an evening, learning and eating at the same time – what could be better?

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Wandering off to the other side of the globe, we come to fascinating and mysterious Vietnam – whilst the face of conflict for many years, their cuisine has always stood out as a friendly way of caring and sharing delicious food.

If your first thought is noodles – think on! Chef/Owner Jeremy Pang has been a force to reckon with in London’s Covent Garden since 2009, and there is nothing you can be taught that Jeremy cannot tell you. His philosophy is all about producing wonderfully flavoured Vietnamese food with love and fun – he is insistent about the fun!

Vietnamese Cooking Class

For £95, you will work your way through the myriad of Vietnamese dishes within the 3 hour duration of the course. At The School of Wok you will experience the varying textures, flavours and varieties of regional Vietnamese cuisine, from street food to wholesome family and friends dishes, such as Pho. ‘Bahn Mi’ brings a whole new meaning to a sandwich with interesting ingredients that you would not find in the average lunchtime sandwich shop! You are also introduced to pickles that pack a punch, mastering knife skills, flavour combinations, basic stock preparation (the wonderful stock that accompanies most noodle dishes) and the art of rolling rice paper to make summer rolls and other delicacies.

An extremely popular course, it is wise to book way in advance, as these courses are only held on Wednesdays – don’t miss out if you are only on a flying visit to the capital.

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A deep culinary history encompasses Thai food, with its varying influences from neighbouring countries – a real mix of tastes and textures that delight most palates and their range of exotic spices is second to none. Enjoy the depth of flavours as well as the skill and artistry of bringing great Thai dishes to your own dinner table.

Thai Cooking Class


Once again, top Asian chef Jeremy Pang brings you the delights of Thailand with the use of spices, pastes and chilli to create classic Thai dishes. Demonstrating amazing knife skills, you will learn how to chop and prepare a variety of classic Thai ingredients, including making your own Thai curry pastes. If you have ever struggled with a pestle and mortar, you are shown the best techniques for grinding spices in preparation for some delicious dishes, as well as making accompaniments such as the classic Thai Sticky Rice and spring rolls.

The course is packed full of information and hands on teaching to help you to produce authentic Thai dishes, to the level that you would expect in a restaurant!

You are in the right company – Chinatown is just around the corner, and this class transports you to Thailand in just 3 hours, at a cost of £95 per person.

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Take a trip down the Silk Road and arrive in China, one of the oldest nations in the world, full of delectable tastes and flavours of far Eastern cuisine. Countries all over the world have taken ideas and flavours from this part of the world, with exotic herbs and spices to compliment every dish.

Two of the dishes that everyone knows and loves are Chinese pancakes and dumplings, which are served as both appetisers and main courses throughout Chinese restaurants in the UK. Dumplings are often served nowadays as a corporate lunch or cocktail party affair, such is their popularity with the variety of fillings on offer. So keep with tradition, and learn how to make these mouthwatering specialities of China.

Dim Sum Class


At Yan Ping Mew Cookery classes, held in Wood Green, North London, you will learn traditional family Chinese recipes and the art of twisting and folding the inimitable and flavoursome dumplings at their Dim Sum class, available for beginners and more experienced cooks. You are never too old to learn different techniques and nuances of flavour to elevate even the most simple of dishes to something that will wow your guests.

Classes cost £35 per person and are held on Saturdays and Sundays, you simply need to check out a time and date that is convenient to you. Whether steaming or frying, you will learn what it takes to become a top class dim sum chef!

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Forget the Indian takeaways – make your own top class curries and accompaniments after a masterclass with Beb, who as a British Asian has been perfecting her skills for over 25 years. The classes are all conducted in Beb’s own home with her purpose built kitchen in a light and airy conservatory – you can imagine the wonderful smells that permeate your senses when you are cooking up an Indian delight.

Indian Cooking Class

Beb is a charismatic teacher, who deeply involves you in Indian culture and experiences, and shows her passion and love for the cuisines of this wonderful country. Fun is had by all, but you will come away being able to produce fragrant or spicy curries that lift your spirits and are still low in calories and healthy for you. All the accompaniments are there – smooth and soothing Raita (yoghurt based) to take out the sting of anything you may find hot to your palate.

Beb welcomes you with a glass of prosecco, before you launch into tasty dishes such as Spicy Punjabi Chicken Curry, Lentil Dhal and Aloo Tikki – you will learn about spices and subtle flavours, and that not all curries are about burning your mouth and throat!

Before you leave, you are presented with a bag of Indian goodies, containing spices and delicate sweets all topped off with a big smile from Beb. At a cost of £40 per person, you will leave with a smile on your face too, and the knowledge that you have learned to make some fabulous Indian dishes from a passionate professional.

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Mexican Street Food

Ariba! As they say purportedly say in Mexico, ‘up, lets go’ being the closest translation. You will certainly feel the energy from this fun-packed Mexican Street Food course, designed to teach you simple but delicious food from this part of the world, to make you a whizz at serving Mexican food, perfect to serve for groups of friends and family, or as a supper dish for a taste sensation at home.

With street food on a dramatic rise in the UK over the past few years, don’t miss the bandwagon in learning to prepare and make your own tasty Mexican dishes that trip off the tongue when you are reading the menu, but that perhaps you have never attempted to make! Tortillas, quesadillas, guacamole – these names are all known to you, but can you make the best ever versions at home – you certainly can.

Mexican Street Food

Join the courses held close to Islington tube station and experience true Mexican flavours at the drop of a sombrero! Learn to make platters brimming with traditional Mexican food such as hand pressed tortillas, salsa, cheesey black beans and many other dishes that only Mexico can bring to your table.

Classes range from 8-16 people, with enough Mexican food expert chefs on hand to guide you through your taste of Mexico. You will never buy ready made Mexican food again!

At a cost of £75, you will be able to host a Mexican fiesta in your own home, with no fear at all! Get out the piñata (a stuff donkey-like creature that the Mexicans have great fun in bashing to pieces before all the goodies inside drop out!) for a real fiesta feeling in your own home.

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Middle Eastern

The Middle East conjures up spice markets and bazaars, exotic smells of cinnamon, cardamom and sweet rose water – all of these delicate and more subtle spices are used in cookery classes held at The Cookery School in London W1. This purpose built facility with state of the art equipment is home to a magnificent 5 hour course, with in depth teaching on an informal and fun basis. You will learn the subtle flavourings of Middle Eastern cuisine, the fragrant aromas and a range of delicious dishes that even the most inexperienced cook will be able to put together. Everyone has heard of ‘tagines’ – similar to a slow braised stew with the Middle Eastern twists that make it unique to the palate.

Middle Eastern Cooking Class

After a welcome breakfast, you are first treated to a breadmaking course, specific to the Middle East, and encompassing the well-known pitta bread that accompanies nearly every dish that is served. Work your way through ‘mezze’, the caring and sharing plates of dips such as hummus, tzatsiki, tomato salad, followed by a delicious chicken tagine and a sweet rose water ice cream that only the Middle East can perfect. Finish off with a semolina cake – if you can! A real Middle Eastern feast of classic regional dishes.

At £175 per person, check out this course – it is a deep insight into Middle Eastern cooking and thoroughly enjoyable. Dine out on what you have made during the day, with wine, teas and coffee. You may need help moving later, such are the wealth of delights you will have made and eaten!

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Formerly Persia, Iran is steeped in a wonderful and mystical history, and its cuisine has had a meteoric rise in popularity with the advent of top chefs opening restaurants in the capital, and some of the best selling books of the last 2 years topping the charts and raising the profile of a sometimes forgotten but delicious cuisine.

Persian Cooking Class

What is Persian/Iranian cuisine? You can find out by attending this 4 hour course, hosted by Bita Fallah who will guide you through an exquisite 5-course menu of authentic Persian cuisine. The traditional way of cooking light and fluffy rice with a crisp base is demonstrated along with a delicious lamb and okra stew – lamb is a popular meat in Iran, and Bita brings out the best of the flavour.

Once you have had your welcome drink and nibbles, Bita swings into action with her ‘Taste of Persia’, culminating in a sit down meal to taste the flavours of what you have experienced during the course. The finale is of course sweet – but the whole intimate almost dinner party experience is to be savoured.

Classes are limited to 6 people, whether singles, couples or groups to ensure this intimacy. At a cost of £50 per head to eat restaurant-quality food that you have made yourself under Bita’s expert tuition, is worth its weight in gold.

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Being taught by experts, but using just simple standard equipment you would have at home, must be a bonus – no intricate pieces of cookware that you would not be able to afford, just simple stuff you would find in your kitchen cupboards or drawers. The Cookery School makes it easy for you, with expert chefs to guide you through your Spanish experience. You will be easily able to replicate the dishes that you have been taught, from Tapas to Chicken and Prawn Paella, and beyond. You will also sample calamari like you have never had before, and a distinct and classic Spanish Gazpacho (amazing cold soup with peppers, tomato and bread).

Spanish Cooking Class

Located slap bang in the heart of London with excellent transport links, The Cookery School have prepared an amazing course of Spanish delicacies. After a welcome snack, you will be guided by expert tutors on a journey through Spain. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – this is what the tutors enjoy. The course is information packed, but plenty of fun is at the root of the enjoyment of this course.

From tortillas to tapas, padrones (peppers) to paella, you will be inspired at the selection of dishes on offer. For those with a sweet tooth, the raisin and sherry ice cream is to die for, accompanied by sweet and tasty petite madalenas (small sponge cakes). Along the way, there is a flight of wines to accompany your courses.

This inspiring, informative and delicious 1 day course costs £175 – so don’t delay on enjoying your unique Spanish food experience.

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Laughing and having a good time is encouraged here at Mint, your culinary hosts for the day. Having said that, French food is a serious business, and you are taught the basic techniques and ingredients to make a variety of classic French dishes to serve at home.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced cook, Mint encourage you to go at your own pace with the main aim of picking up tips and techniques whilst still enjoying yourself with other people who have a love of French gastronomy.

French Cooking Class

Courses last for 3 hours, and at the end of the session you sit down with your compatriots and enjoy the fruits of your labour, which can be any of the delicious dishes that Mint show you how to prepare and cook. Located in Leyton, Mint also offer Italian cookery courses run on the same basis, so if you enjoy the French experience, book up and savour the Italian one!

At a cost of £29 per person, it doesn’t matter if you are singles, couples or groups – you will meet up with fellow Francophiles and enjoy a great day out, breathe in the French atmosphere (helped along by welcoming music!) and savour the delights of one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

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Yokoso! Or Welcome to Japanese cuisine at its very best. Alice of Alice Sushiart certainly knows how to give a warm welcome to her students, whether it be in her own home, or whether, due to her incredible flexibility, she travels to your home to host a cooking experience. This is a Japanese cooking experience with a twist – you learn decorating skills as well as the art of sushi making. Character sushi pieces are produced to any theme that you want – this style of sushi is known as Chara-Ben.  You may have made character cupcakes in the past,  but be inventive now, impress your friends and guests by making Bento boxes full of character sushi pieces! Just amazing! Just give Alice a theme for your party or gathering, and she will do the creative rest to teach you how to make anything from animal pieces to funny faces – incredibly creative and such fun.

Japanese Cooking Class

You can of course taste as you go along, or take the whole lot home in a bento box that Alice will help you put together. Soft drinks, Japanese style or tea and coffee are served throughout to keep you hydrated, and just before you leave, you will be given a super goodie bag with Bento accessories and Japanese treats –yum!

This is a terrific class for all age groups, very popular with children to turn on their creative juices and have fun in the boring school holidays. Many people think that sushi is an acquired taste, but judging by the amount of children tucking into sushi in Japanese restaurants these days, it is extremely popular.

Classes at Alice’s home in Highgate are readily available or contact her to arrange a personal class in your own home.

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South American Street Food

Rodriquez, Empanadas and Ceviche – all classic South American street food dishes that you can learn for way less than the cost of an airplane ticket. Be delighted by the South American version of chorizo (Rodriguez) and the lightly spiced beef and vegetable pastries (empanadas, which also have Spanish influence). If you enjoy raw, marinated fish, you can learn how to make ceviche (marinated and cured fish) by taking a short train ride to Islington, where Jenius Social will teach you the delights of South American street food in all its glory.

South American Street Food

South American Street Food


Learn how to make foolproof dough for the pastries, and sharpen up your knife skills with their expert tuition. Have you ever made sausages from scratch? Jenius Social takes you through this fun packed experience and you will be amazed at how good you are!

Everything is provided on this 2 hour course, priced at £40 per person. Ingredients, aprons, takeaway packaging is all included. Anyone can join in, from the novice to the experienced cook, in singles or groups, everyone is welcomed the South American way.

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