Chocolate Indulgence

Maybe we don’t all love chocolate – but a vast amount of the UK population do!  Opening a box of delicious chocolates or truffles always makes your mouth water, as you wonder what is inside each delicious chocolate morsel.

Making chocolate is a definitive art, it is not just a case of melting a ready made chocolate bar – some serious work has to be done to make the perfect truffle, or a delicious dessert.

The history of chocolate dates back thousands of years, where it originated in South America (Mexico was a huge producer), but now the bulk of cacao, which is used in chocolate making, comes from West Africa. In fact, around 65% of the world’s cocoa production comes from this region, with the Ivory Coast being the largest harvesting region.

There are probably more types of chocolate than most people know about and also different processing and cooking methods. Most mistakes in using chocolate are made when you pick the wrong chocolate to make desserts or sweets or truffles – it is the consistency of the chocolate that is important, and the ratios of cacao to fats etc.

Milk chocolate is a sweet chocolate that also contains milk or milk powder, whereas white chocolate contains cocoa butter, milk and sugar, but no actual cocoa solids. Dark chocolate is made by adding fat and sugar to the cacao, and in Europe, dark chocolate must contain a minimum of 35% cacao solids to qualify for this name. Then there is, of course, ‘baking or cooking chocolate’ which is used in many ready made desserts sold in supermarkets and shops. If you can call chocolate ‘unhealthy’, then this qualifies as the most unhealthy chocolate on sale!

A chocolate gift at Christmas or Easter that has been lovingly made by your fair hands is a great present – it shows you care, and it also shows how much hard work you have done! Making a dozen truffles, all presented in a gift box, which you can buy really cheaply then decorate with a beautiful ribbon, would make most hearts melt – just like the chocolate itself!

At TryMyKitchen, some of our most popular courses include our Chocolate ones – from making truffles to creating a delicious showstopping dessert, we have courses for all chocolate lovers. You can either attend one yourself, or buy a chocolate course for a loved one – you can even take your ‘better half’ for a romantic couples day out, or consider one for a fun-filled team building event.

TryMyKitchen highly recommend our Truffle Making courses, held in Rotherhithe, London, where you can learn the art of making these tasty morsels of heavenly chocolate, or perhaps if you are really serious to learn all about chocolate, we have an intensive 5 hour course in Shoreditch, ‘Bean to Bar’, where you will come away with an in depth knowledge of what goes into making wonderful chocolate treats. Bean to Bar is also suitable for groups of up to 8, so you can enjoy a private session with your colleagues or a group of friends. By nature, these classes are pretty ‘messy’, but probably the most fun you will have for a long while.

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