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 Konditor and Cook

First, the name: Konditor is the German word for a confectioner or patisserie chef. The konditor in question here is Gerhard Jenne, who opened his first cake shop in London in 1993. Since then, he’s opened a further five, and whatever area of London you frequent you’ve probably stood, mouth watering, in front of one of his shops and wondered at the beauty of the creations in there. Wonder no more – now you can make these creations yourself, at Cake School. Whether it’s the delicate wonders of finely piped graphics or the signature Curly whirly cake (no relation to the chewy chocolate bar – these ones are melt-in-the-mouth concoctions of chocolate sponge and vanilla bean frosting), there is a course to grab your interest.

Enrol on a course and you’ll be working in the relaxed surroundings of their bespoke school room on Stamford Street, in Waterloo. You’ll be gently led through your “lesson” by one of Konditor’s own talented chefs, or if you decide on the Masterclass, you’ll be in the virtuoso hands of Jenne himself.  For the most serious, there is a “Premium Kitchen Day Experience”, which you’ll take in one of the professional kitchens in their shops – just imagine the joy of being totally immersed in this environment for a whole day as you learn how to produce the delights yourself. Haven’t got a whole day? Courses such as the Brownie making only need an hour or so of your time, and at the end you’ll have new skills and some Brownie heaven to show off (or to keep for yourself!).

Baking can be a social occasion, and even if you don’t know anyone right at the start, the small-group set up allows you to get to know your fellow bakers. Konditor also provides courses for groups, hen parties, and even parent-and-child classes. These are a lovely way to introduce your child to top-quality cooking skills while “bonding” with them – and you’ll both have fun in the lovely easy learning environment!


Bake with Maria

Started originally by Maria Mayerhofer in her own kitchen, Bake with Maria classes have now expanded into the beautifully named Baking Lab – just the place to experiment with your baking skills. There’s only one Maria to bake with, but with such interest in her classes, the tutor group has expanded with a vibrant mix of teachers whose skills have been honed in many corners of the world, so whoever leads your course, you’re going to enjoy it – their enthusiasm for preparing wonderful concoctions really is infectious!

The breadmaking classes cover many corners of the world too, with courses teaching French, Italian, and Scandinavian breadmaking skills all on offer. Not ready for that? There’s an introductory course that will help you get the basics of bread making right – and getting it right at the start can really help you move your skills along much more quickly.

If you’re into the sweeter things in life, there is a myriad of pastry and patisserie courses to tempt you; you can even develop your chocolate-making skills (which will also help you practice your chocolate-eating skills, obviously). It doesn’t matter what your skill level (or even more importantly your confidence level) is, these tutors really love what they do, and you’ll leave with more skill and enthusiasm than you thought possible – and of course with your fantastic creations.



Cakes 4 Fun

Want a course that does what it says on the (baking) tin? Cakes 4 Fun runs courses from their bespoke “cake kitchens” in Putney, SW London. The courses are certainly fun, and they’re useful too – imagine being able to create wonderful iced birthday cakes rather than buying them. Or for the ultimate achievement, with their gentle and enthusiastic guidance, you could even learn to ice your own wedding cake! Maybe you already make your own cakes? How about learning to ice them with skill, or to expand your repertoire into meringues or macarons? Whatever course you choose, you’ll leave with more confidence in your abilities (and of course with some lovely hand-baked goodies to show off). If you fancy trying the popular cake pops, the lovely Carolyn White, founder of Cakes 4 Fun, wrote the book on them – literally! As well as the resident tutors, there are also guests who come in, each with their own skill set – if you’re serious about cake making some courses are even available on how to start your own cake-making business. All of their leisure courses are ideal for the “enthusiastic amateur”, but for those who take it more seriously, there are also diploma length courses to help you turn a hobby into a career, or to move up the ladder.


Jenius Social

Whether its bread making, cake decorating or in need to perfection your pastry skills. Jenius Social can cater for it using organic and free range ingredients where possible. Our wide range of cookery classes are hands-on and chef-led, meaning you get stuck in with expert guidance the whole way. You’ll leave loaded with a slew of new skills that are sure to impress your friends & family.

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