Learn All about Gluten Free Baking

You may once have thought that being diagnosed at gluten intolerant was like a prison sentence –but no longer.

With a few tips and practice, you can learn from the experts that baking cakes, breads, puddings etc., can be just as delicious using gluten-free products. Understanding gluten and what substitutes you can use is half way to learning how to make light and fluffy cakes, or beautiful crispy pie crusts.

The key is the X Factor – taking classes with our X-perts makes all the difference, so why not invest in a bit of time to treat yourself to one of them, or indeed, buy them as a gift voucher from TryMyKitchen to give to friends or family on a special occasion.

Gluten Free Bread by ' THE GLUTEN FREE FLOUR CO'

Gluten Free Bread by ‘ THE GLUTEN FREE FLOUR CO’


Elvira’s Secret Pantry

Based in South London, these experts are a great find. They will set you on your way to perfect gluten free baking at their ‘freefrom’ artisan bakery,dedicated to providing delicious gluten free, dairy free and yeast free bakes.These are traditional baking classes using family recipes throughout the years and locally sourced seasonal British produce. You will love their creativity with recipes and their totally ethical approach to what they teach you to produce.

Fun, informal but well structured, the classes are held in a domestic kitchen, that will be similar to your own, so that you will be able to produce the same results at home. You will leave with confidence as well as samples! Be prepared for 3 hours of some great teaching.

See Elvira’s Gluten Free Afternoon Tea Baking Class for £70

The Avenue Cookery School

Ceri is your  chef/teacher on these courses, who will guide you through using fun but informative demonstrations, as well as valuable knowledge on cooking tips and shortcuts to making the perfect bakes.

There is a course here to suit everyone, with different classes featuring all about gluten free flour (you are encouraged to make your own flour blends and these are then tested in bakes!).Or you may prefer just learning about gluten free bread, including flatbreads or loaves for sandwiches or toast. Different grains are also explained as well as their ideal usage.

Sweet treats and savoury bakes are also well covered, so whether you are a quiche fan or crackers fan, or perhaps you are more a cake, cookies and brownies kind of person, you will have the choice of suitable courses. After taking one course, you may well be determined enough to follow on with all their courses on offer, even finishing up with pasta course!

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The Gluten Free Flour Company

With the philosophy of ‘free from’ not meaning ‘free from taste or quality ingredients’ the Gluten Free Flour Company excel in courses where you learn to make delicious pastry bakes that just about everyone wants to eat! They look great, taste great, but above all you will be convinced never to buy ‘ready prepared’ goods from supermarkets anymore, unless you are desperately hungry!

The gluten free pastry course takes you through the different types of pastry to use, right from standard shortcrust to delicate choux to make éclairs. Here at the Gluten Free Flour Company they blend their own flours to make perfect gluten free pastry. As they say, and so does Mary Berry, ‘no soggy bottoms’ !

You are also provided with a tasty gluten free lunch with tea and coffee, and a goodie bag of gluten free pastry to use at home.

The course duration is 5½ hours, so make sure you have time to enjoy this informative course. To book, use the TryMyKitchen website or for further information on gluten free baking courses.