The Icing on the Cake (Cake Decorating Classes)

We bet here at TryMyKitchen, that not many of you knew that cake decorating began somewhere in the 17th Century but didn’t rise in popularity until the mid-1800’s. It was a miracle prior to then whether cakes would even rise at all – there were no state of the art ovens with temperature control, and certainly no baking powder! Food colourings were primitive, so one would presume that cakes up until the 1840’s were flat, un-iced and more like a biscuit!


Let’s avoid the jokes and admit that cake decorating is very much an art form these days, with amazing creations made by avid bakers – and they don’t all own elaborate shops – many home bakers have taken the time to learn all the icing and frosting techniques as well as sugarcraft, to make wondrous feats of cake engineering.

Of course you need time and patience – but a helping hand on the way by taking classes will definitely improve your skills, and give you ideas that you had never realised could be done. To achieve these jaw-dropping and decorative cakes, TryMyKitchen features excellent Cake Decorating classes on our site, so check them out so you can stun everyone!

Cupcake Decorating Class

Everyone loves cupcakes – don’t they? In this class, Daisy will make you love them more, by explaining all the techniques you need to know to improve your skills.

Daisy Brydon Creations is located in North Acton, London, where you will be taught right at the hub of this amazing creative cake company. The class is conveniently held on Saturday and runs for 4 hours during which you will see your creations emerge from start to finish. You even get a certificate at the end of it for you to keep as a momento of your hard work!

TryMyKitchen know how much you will gain from this cake decorating class, including making the perfect sponge, the different moulds to use, making modelling paste, sugar flowers and piping techniques amongst others – even how to use embossed rolling pins (we didn’t even know they existed!).

Be sure to read about Daisy’s classes on our website – then go ahead and book! All are welcome from children to couples and families.

At Cookie Girl HQ, you are in for a real treat. Taught by Xanthe Milton, top-selling author and serious cake professional, you will weave your way through the decorating process, under her relaxed and informal guidance. This class could not be better, and you will find that maybe, just maybe, cake decorating is not as difficult as you thought it was. Of course, it will take you a while to get to Xanthe’s level but she will do her best to bring you up a notch or two!

TryMyKitchen are impressed with the depth of this class, where you will learn to make delicate sugar paste roses (perhaps you think you are all fingers and thumbs right now), fondant domes and lattice work in Xanthe’s own kitchen, where she creates a fun atmosphere whilst still teaching you the sold basics for beginners. This is a full day class – imagine what you can learn in that time, particularly if you don’t recognise one piping nozzle from another – it’s all there for you to absorb her knowledge. Ask any questions you want, her years of experience are more than happily imparted to her students.

Classes are a full day, every day except Sundays at her base in Notting Hill, so be quick to book – just go to TryMyKitchen website  and  hit cake decorating, to improve your decorating skills and knowledge. Xanthe also runs other classes for more elaborate work for those at intermediate level.

If you are still a relative beginner at cake decorating, and want to turn your ‘boring sponge’ into a masterpiece, Jenus Social in Islington, North London are certainly there to help. Decorating cakes with the right icing is a must if you want to achieve that perfect cake for a celebration such as birthdays, childrens parties etc.

Jenus Social will advise you on all the different types of icing, which cakes to use them on, and the techniques of piping and decorating. You will even be taught how to write (not literally!) with icing, so your shaky hands can actually ice something readable!

London Baking Classes are held most days of the week and last for 2 hours.Brush up your skills and get piping – TryMyKitchen recommends early booking through out site, or purchasing one of our vouchers as a gift to learn all about cake decoration.